Make money online with contests! (No risk method)

Hey guys,
I have been trying for a long time to earn money online,
I have tried PPC, Surveys, Referral pyramids, Cryptocurrency mining, Affiliate Marketing. Most of them worked, but I the most I got was some dollars after working really hard and for a long time on them. The fact is that none of them was worth it because after calculating my profit per hours worked I never got more than $2. This was frustrating.

The reason why none of them ever worked is because it is really difficult to have a good profit without investment. Otherwise everyone would be rich.
So I found a way that you can start investing with as low as $10 and If you lose your first contest you can just have a refund. So basically if you are extremely afraid of investing and losing money you can just make an initial investment and if you lose just have a refund; if you win, just withdraw your initial investment and start playing with no risk at all again (just with your profit).

This website offers Daily and Weekly Fantasy Sports contests for cash prizes in all of the five major sports (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and PGA) as well as college football and basketball.
If you are good you can make a LOT money. I am not that good in sports and I can earn around $10 - $20 per period of contests. My friend who referred me is really good and sometimes can make around $1.000.

These are the websites (I would appreciate if you use this link)


these links are not just referral, they actually give bonus for BOTH sides to promote divulgation. So it would make no sense to not use it. However feel free to use the normal link for Fanduel and Draftkings