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Silly question--How do you submit a website to digg? I was on the site and I saw where you can add a link but is that where you put your website link? Or is that where you place the url to your article or what? Thanks for the help.
yes, that is where you put the URL to your page :)

instant traffic, rather than waiting for organic traffic. rinse and repeat
I might submit some articles, but the keywords I go for do not need much power and links to rank on top 1. It is important to be patient. Instant cash and instant traffic are in my opinion not as valuable as slowly building organic traffic that will generate you money in the long run. If your article ever gets deleted the traffic drops to 0.

if your article is good enough
All articles I publish are valuable for the reader. I do not spin articles and I make sure they are not written for google. Why would you give another website an article for free so that they can make money with your article. 99% of authorities that accept those linkfilled articles are authorities in the eyes of too expensive SEO software, but not in the eyes of google.


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Time for another small PROGRESS update.

I have 7 websites set up and running in Google now. All of them are indexed and the newer ones begin to rank for their keywords. The websites that are about 2 weeks old right now (the first 3) do the GoOgLe DaNCe at the moment. Which means, they were on page one and jumped down to page 3 now. However, that is okay and exactly the way we know it from G-Dog :) I expect those websites to be up ranking on the first page again in about a week maybe even earlier.

Today, I started to build links to the first three niche websites. Not many, but at least some. I added all pages (main and subpages) to 5 social bookmarking services and 3 Link directories. I choose the links that I get to be clean links. That means I don't want links from spammy websites. I really want to try to be as white hat as possible with these websites. I want to earn money in the long run so I follow all guidelines (I do not want G-Dog to ban websites or worse my account).

What's next?
At the moment, I wait for article packages (2x5) from outsourcers for two more websites. After I get those running hopefully in the next 2-3 days I will start to build the first backlinks to the other 4 pages. With some backlinks those websites can sit for a while and will improve in ranking by themselves and I'm able to order additional articles, in order to build more websites. My "very short term" goal is to have at least 20 niche websites running and ranking at the end of February.
Bookmarked! Just wanted to say that i've started the same goal as you did, and i think that we started in the same day too. But i'm way more behind than you are. The good part is that your jurnal keeps me enthusiastic. Thank you! And give as many updates and details as possible:D
Hey OP, thank you very much for your thread,
I only do very-agressive backlinking on aged autoblogs, and I really like your style of doing things :)

subscribed :)
Thanks, with this kinds treads I have learn a lot, social bookmarking is a good way to rank better in google, I used to make 10-15 in one week to my money site, and after 2 months it was top 10 in various google domains, with a competitive key, keep working bro!


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Hey everyone,
I'm glad I found some readers :) Bookmarking really is great for getting the sites indexed and to start seeing some ranking results. However, now after about 2 weeks of being indexed I will start linkbuilding a little bit more aggressive with the first niche sites. I will exactly explain what I will do and hopefully I will be able to share the improvement in results with you guys in a few weeks.

I kept myself busy with setting up pages, researching keywords and outsourcing. So far I have 9 pages set up completely and they all are indexed. Some of them are ranking now and others are on the way. Speaking of on the way right now I get articles written for 5 more pages. Like I already said I will start with the linkbuilding right after writing this post. Before this project I never hired someone to write articles, but I see how much it helps me to stay on track. If I would have to write the articles myself, I would have stopped after max. 3 pages.

Some numbers (still in red ;))
On the way to break even
Domains and Outsourcing: $174.94 (14 domains so far)
Income from all Niches: $ 9.67
Left to break even: $165.27

Actual goal: $2,000/month from my niche websites only (that will take a while, but I did not expect anything else :) )

Like most other businesses, you cannot expect to see results fast without investing. Like investing on the stock market, you take controlled risk in order to make a maximum return. I do not have the money I use just laying around. However, if you don't buy expensive SEO software you can use the money for outsourcing. You can save by eating a burger less and invest the money in building links etc. This sounds all so easy, but only a handful people really take action.

just think of it this way, if all my sites do not improve over time I would have lost about $165, wouldn't I? NO! The websites will not just disappear. If the income does not get higher over time on any of the pages I can expect to get my money back in the long run. A small example:

In about 15 days I made $9.50 that's not too bad, but I'm still about $165 short. As long as I keep making the same amount I already make I will still make money in 9 months.

I would double 15 days so I have the income of one month on average $9.50+$9.50=$19
$19*8.7months=$165.3 so starting in the 9th month i would make money. At that point I could delete all domains and would have lost no money (besides my valuable time :p), but why should I? :)

Even though I would still make a little bit money, I expect my income to go up way more. Time will show how good it works. I cannot say often enough be patient and do not expect to become rich in two weeks good niche sites need time like good vine.


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Hey everyone,

I was pretty busy the last days outside the internet. That's why I did not do as much as I was hoping for. However, I started working on the linkbuilding and slowly I can see some results. My traffic is increasing and the clicks also. Even though, I just started this project I already learned a lot and would like to share my mistakes with you.

Mistake 1:
I have 3 niche websites that are from the "arts" area and each of them would receive about 40-60 visitors a day. I got between 1-3 clicks from each of those websites on a daily basis. I always try to stay up to date and read on a blog that changing ur ads to "text ads only" will most likely increase the number of clicks. However, after I changed I did not receive any clicks (everything else constant) for about 4-5 days (maybe 2 clicks in those 5 days). So what was the problem? I can just imagine what caused the trouble. First of all, I changed the color of the title of the ads from black (color of my text) to dark blue a color people affiliate with links. Second, no more image Ads on an image rich website. My assumption, text ads are great and the right way to go for specific topics, but not for every website! It is important to experiment with ur ads to find the right ones. End of the story, I changed everything back and today i received 2-5 clicks on each of them (improvement).

Mistake 2:
Choose only keywords after you study the ads on the websites of your competition. I have a few websites where Market Samurai gave me great data, but I do not receive any clicks. I learned it is very important to never forget that the people that come to your website should have an incentive to buy something or at least to use your site as a hub to be transfered to a different site. If you already give them the absolute answer, why should they want to click ur ads to find out more?

Mistake 3:
Check out the traffic with googles own keyword tool. I used MS and got wrong information on a website. MS told me about 1600 local exact traffic. However, the keyword tool just lists about 500 and I have the feeling, thats way more accurate. I will see if I can still make some $ from that website but i doubt it... whatever I will survive :) lesson learned

I had some very bad days where I hardly made a $... It is improving again yesterday I made $1.8 and today $3.3 that does not look to bad

Some numbers (still in red ;))
On the way to break even
Domains and Outsourcing: $174.94 (14 domains so far)
Income from all Niches: $ 17.01
Left to break even: $157.93

Actual goal: $2,000/month from my niche websites only (that will take a while, but I did not expect anything else :) )

So far I'm okay with the numbers, they are still around my expectations. I hope they will go up constantly and then I see a great month ahead of me.


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Completely whitehat. I like it . YOu have given me the motivation to move on. I have tried this many times and haven't had success with alot of things. You have given me the motivation to move forward now. I sell services without websites and websites is the way I need to start. I do have a question though. How do you come up with your niche idea. I understand why you won't reveal them.




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How do you come up with your niche idea. I understand why you won't reveal them.
There is not much magic about finding the right keywords. Normally, I brain storm I have some Amazon ads websites and check what people bought from them. I also check out products on TV or what's hot on ebay. I think it is more about mass, rather than searching specific words. I run about 15-20 keyword checks a day and find maybe 1-2 niches a day that I might go after :)
The programs I use are Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai. Together, they work like a charm! ....Kinda pricey though... However, money attracts money (hopefully) :-D


I did not do too much, I tested out the trial of Build My Rank and really like their service. Right now, I set up a new niche website and slowly I can see which ones make me good money and which ones don't. Nevertheless, If they do not preform to well in the beginning just leave them sit for at least 3 month they might be late starter.


Today I'm in the game with this project for exactly 1 month!!! Time 4 some STATS!

I built 14 niche websites in the first month (I'm working on number 15 right now!)
The outsourcing got much cheaper and I don't pay as much anymore. The most expensive are the domains :)

The finances so far:
Some numbers (still in red ;))
On the way to break even
Domains and Outsourcing: $174.94 (14 domains so far)
Income from all Niches: $ 27.57
Left to break even: $147.37

That is almost $30 in the first month! AWESOME! Do not forget that some of the pages went online after the 15th so they are not even online for a month.
I'm really excited for the next month and hope to be able to at least double those numbers. (Except the costs haha)


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I am loving this journal. It kind of goes along with what I am doing and yes I am being very patient. I have 5 sites I have been working on on and off for a year or so. Recently I just bought 5 more domain because I know action is the key to success. I am building them a little different right now but may soon go to outsourcing the work after the first month.

I will also test different types of backlinking.
This is a great thread and a great case study in action. Please continue to update us.

I have a few niche sites but I haven't placed any ads on them yet. So I've been researching how it works simple because if one doesn't know what they are doing then they could loose everything (except the site of course).

So what advice could you give about starting with adsense. Did you read a certain book or was trial and error your teacher :proud:

But here are a couple Ad Network sites that I found. Tell me what you think about them and which would be the best to start with: Maxbounty, PeerFly, CPAway, & Convert2Media


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So what advice could you give about starting with adsense. Did you read a certain book or was trial and error your teacher

For most of us it will be trial and error. You should exspect at least 1-2 years of trial and error until u get a good feeling for what to do :)
I personally do not use Ad networks besides adsense and amazon so I'm not able to give you a feedback on those.

I did not do too much the last days because school kept me really busy. I will use the rest of today and especially the weekend to work on the sites. They all are up and running so far. I already started building backlinks to some of them. However, not all of them... So I will do that. Even though I was really busy I at least managed it to set up one more website. Increasing the total number of websites for this project to 15.

My adsense income right now is not very stable and goes up and down day by day. If you look at it on a bigger scale it is still increasing.

Now the part that is most interesting, the finances:
I actually have a pretty interesting change. The outsourcer of some articles does not respond to any of my emails for over a month now. This drops my expenses, which is a good thing!

The red slowly changes to dark dark orange ;-)
On the way to break even
Domains and Outsourcing: $146.94 (14 domains so far)
Income from all Niches: $ 41.31
Left to break even: $105.63

I hope they will still improve more. However, I must say I'm okay with the result so far :) We are getting closer and closer to the point of break even



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This is an awesome, so glad you have posted your results. Im gonna go back and reread some of the first posts because its been somewhat confusing to know where to start after I posted articles to my site
Also it looks like your clicks have come from organic because you havent really done any backlinking yet, So are you going to use goog analytics to track where you they are coming from?
wow that's nice! i sell amazon products on my associates site.. took me about 8 months to start earning the same as you do XD. but now it's been 2 years and a half and make around 1000$ a month.. good luck man, you're on the right track :D
Hello Somesay, nice journal.

How many articles do you consider to be the minimum?
I have a few micro niche websites with 5 or 6 articles and with a few backlinks they don't rank in top 100!

Best Regards


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Wow....excellent! Great resource and motivation to a n00b like me. I just started with IM this year and you are definitely making thing easier as i watch and learn from you step by step. Subscribed.