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MVB makes the video unique before upload, so it tricks the YouTube duplicate filter.
In an above post I wrote:
Example title: #T# (will be replace by original title)
Example description : #D# #T# #K# (will be replaced with description, title, keywrods of original video)
Example tags: test1, test2, #K#

So this means that the uploaded title/description/tags WON"T Be the same as the original (as you can see, the description contains the original description + original keywords + original title)

But again, we have 2 methods, sniper or mass. When you are using mass method, you add all videos with similar details like above. With sniper, you focus on that video and you findthe perfect keywords to use.

The category does not matter to much from my testing.



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Thanks Vlad,

I assume when your adding different urls in the video you mentioned use W now if you have multiple url's do you have to call your next code something like W2?

Is the description the most important thing to focus on in ranking or keywords is more?

I have decided to become involved with this. It looks like a very useful tool for me considering I have so many sites that need to be promoted.

I will go through the videos and tutorials.

I noticed a counter this I assume tells me when everything is complete? I noticed on one upload that the counter kept going on and on. Is this normal?


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You can add your website directly in the description or use the tags (It's up to you).
Everything is important: description,title,keywords.
I noticed a counter this I assume tells me when everything is complete? I noticed on one upload that the counter kept going on and on. Is this normal?
Don't understand this... Please send me a print screen.

And one more thing, the first update is available:
*Fix: problem when adding tags (like #MYTAG#). You couldn't use the backspace key to delete/modify the tag title.
*Fix: problem when downloading videos that required special access (like adult videos).
You will need to go the the Download Module -> Download Settings. There you will need to set a default account that will be used to download restricted content
*Fix: problem with Video Keywords length. There was a limit of about 100 characters in MVB but now everything is OK.
*Fix: problem with importing proxies
*Mod: you can now minimize MVB when downloading videos


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Thanks Vlad,

I will send something once it is completed here.

I do like that you have a pdf as well as videos and forum.

I hope the forum will have a specific are on this product alone.

Can you upload and download at the same time?

I will provide feedback once I do some videos which are being uploaded now.


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My Review

I was presented an opportunity to test Vlad's tool here so here is my review.

What this tool does
Scrapes videos from Youtube. You enter a keyword and it goes about finding and downloading videos other users have posted for that niche. It then uploads these videos with the settings you set. Like Vlad mentions, there are two ways of setting the settings for the videos. You can "Snipe" videos where you go in and put the settings in yourself (like keywords, title, tags) or you can -what I really like- mass upload. You simply use tags for the title and keywords part, but you make the description box have an affiliate URL and then use the Tag tag to put... tags in the description box. It automatically uses the same settings for every video so it is very hassle free.

How this tool helps you
Free traffic! Everyone loves free traffic. You can go the difficult SEO way or use the alternative... Youtube!
Getting ranked on Youtube is a lot easier then on Google. There's no sandbox to worry about or having to constantly write articles everyday. You set it once and you're done with youtube. Youtube is a ZERO COST METHOD! Once you have this tool you will -and I don't use this lightly- DOMINATE Youtube. This is the ONLY youtube tool you need to buy.

Tool Strong Points
Let's face it... It's not much of a YouTube video "sniper". If you want to get a couple videos really high, then YouToob me is a better choice. But that is harder. You need a lot of accounts and you need more work to use that tool. This tool was built for MASS scaling however! Something I have never seen done so well.
This tool helps even the absolute laziest people make money. There is literally two EASY steps you have to do and you are already getting traffic.

This tool is also FAST. It downloads and uploads with multiple threads so it's uploading / downloading 5 videos (or more) at a time instead of just one if you're doing it manually.

This tool is EASY. Watch one 5 minute video and you know how everything works. It is also a step-by-step process.

This tool requires NO WORK. 99% of the time the tool is open, you are just waiting for videos to upload or download.

You can EDIT videos on the fly! A great feature. Instead of having to open Sony Vegas for every video and spending 15 minutes trying to put text on one video, this does it for you. This tool is a little ruff. You won't get A+ videos or anything, but when you're popping out 100's of videos, it really doesn't matter.

This tool is definitely worth it. Spend that $27 for one month and you will get your money back to buy the full lifetime version.
Watch out Youtube. The spam is coming like never before.


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Have purchased this tool.

Guys this tool is very very cheap.

All features are working properly without any problems.

Upload quality are unbelieveable good.
Search feature is a way better than Youtube's default search.
Mass Watermark feature is very fast and effective.
Proxy feature aren't bad.


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Hello Klix,
Thank you very much for the great review.
Damjan, thank you for purchasing MVB. Very glad to hear you like the software!

Thanks guys,


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I have now used this product for less then 24 hours.

I agree with klix review.

It has save me lots of time uploadings and the support has been very good but most answers are found right on the site with the questions mark icon.

It would be nice if a link was available to search keywords right on the mondule but this has save me a lot of time uploading videos from my hard drive.

Just make sure when you upload your description on all your videos that you set it properly otherwise you will have all your videos with the same description, you can fix this but best to do it right. I learned this myself.

Tutorials provided are good simply watch them and you will learn how the system works.

Nice Product Vlad.
Mass Video Downloader Review​

I've been a customer of Vlad's for a wile now, I first started out using his CPA Blaster Software that seems to be the younger brother of MVD (Mass Video Downloader). Then he came out with Video Spin Blaster, software that creates thousands of videos within minutes. So it was a given that I needed to get my hands on this new product. I've had some time to test the software out, and I'm going to tell you a little about it.. Hope this helps anyone that's thinking about buying this software understand how well it works, and help them make their decision.

About the Software:

  • There is a very small if any learning curve needed to use this software
  • You can literally download thousands of videos with just a few clicks
  • You can upload literally thousands of videos with a click of a button
  • The software allows you to generate your own custom tags to add to each video. It's very simple and tags seconds to do.
  • Search & Download targeted keyword videos, and upload them with added keywords, watermarks, or text. and out rank the original uploaders video.
  • You can cut seconds off each video, you make it look unique to YouTube's filters
  • Vlad keeps the software updated. I've had it for about 48 hours, and had about 3 updates.
  • Generate an insane amount of targeted traffic to your site with little work.
  • The software will keep your videos uploaded, You can add a list of YouTube accounts, and if your videos gets flagged, the software will re-upload it with a new account!
  • The software allows you to use proxies, so those of you that want to hide your IP this is a great feature.
  • If you have Vlad's Video Spin Blaster, or any other video creators you can generate your own videos and mass upload them with this software as well!

Comment on their Support:

  • Vlad provides top of the line support for to his customers.
  • I had a problem when I first installed MVD, Vlad instantly stopped what he was doing, and put his full attention into getting the software running for me. I allowed Vlad access to my computer so he could debug the issue. He created a unique build and uploaded it to my computer & come to find out it had nothing at all to do with his software, I had an error with my .NET install. Vlad then provided me with a download link to fix the problem. He was more then happy to have helped me out. He didnt even care that it had nothing to do with his software. This is a great plus. it's always good to have great software, but to have great support to back the software up is a MUST. And Vlad goes above and beyond with his support. A+

About the Guides:

  • Vlad provides 2 types of guides for his customers, an ebook & videos. So for those of you that tend to learn better watching someone instead of following instructions you will have no issues here.
  • The videos are very useful, they are hosted on YT but are unlisted, you need the software to get the links to view them
  • Vlad provides a detailed video on how to go about getting Mass amounts of videos to download/upload. Its a very simple method that works great!
  • The ebook is also very useful, he provides step by step instruction with images for each step on how to set everything up.

Private Forum:

  • When you become a customer of Vlad's you get access to his private forum.
  • You will find some useful info on the forum, everyone one shares their methods, tricks.
  • You can also find people to outsource work to there.
  • It's also a great way to get help with other aspects of your website.

Extra info:

  • This software in a short period of time will generate thousands of hits to your sites, landing Pages, CPA, or any other type of affiliate links you wish to promote.
  • You might already understand how viral videos can bring you a great deal of traffic, well this software take all the hard work out of the equation, It literally does all the hard work for you and its almost 100% automated.
  • Free traffic is always a plus. You can use MVD to generate large list of emails as well!
  • NO extra skills needed to use this software, Everything has been taken care of. All you need to know how to do is type!
  • Best thing about this software is that it uses YouTube to host the videos, Youtube is owned by GOOGLE!, Google loves to index YouTube videos!
  • Other similar services like animoto, are charging you $39/month for less features. MVD blows all these other services out of the water. Yeah animoto lets you create videos, but it does not allow you to upload mass videos & keep them alive on YT.

I think this software is a great place for noob's to get their feet wet, It does not require you to learn any special skills. At the same time its great software for the advanced marketers. This software will save you hundreds of hours creating/uploading your videos one by one.

Here's a short video showing you how easy this software is to use.

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I just bought this wonderfull app, but i did not get the bonus stuff mentioned. probably just missed it but just want to tell you. my order if is 38UYCFU-99Q3L


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You should of received an email from us with all the details (for bonus etc...). Please check your spam folder, maybe it's there.

Let me know if you found it.



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A little heads up.. When i check the box "Upload videos with general details" it does not do so. when i try to upload it still says i have to enter the details. or am i doing something wrong here?


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I am going to check this out and release a fix asap.


EDIT: I just did a test and it works. Please open a new support ticket (more info for the support link in the help section of the software and give me a print screen so I can see what you are doing.

EDIT2: You do understand that "Upload using general details" only works for Downloaded Videos. Also, you need to enter the title/desc/keywords in general Settings (like #t# #K# #D#). Another way to achieve the same results is when you add the videos to MVB (from download module) is to set the "Add details". Than all your videos can have the same details (use tags). ANyways, if you are still having problems, please open a support ticket.


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No problem, anybody can post anywhere they want :) It's just that helping you here is a bit harder because we will fill the thread with not to useful posts :)