Matthew Stumpmier and Jason Ramai are Scammers! Beware!!


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Matthew Stumpmier , Nacole Williams-Stumpmier, and Jason Ramai are Scammers! Beware!!

:listen: These 2 assclowns ran fizzcash and then latter ppvsaledotcom. Their payouts became shitty recently. Always late. They are impossible to get a hold of. Yu'd have a better chance catching bigfoot. Then they dropped their payouts by $20 per sale suddenly. Which was pintless because right after that announcement Jason went into hiding and no payments were made since the first week of May. I finally got hold of Matt late last week. He had a whole bullshit story bout bank problems and a host of other crap. He then promised to send an ach transfer and that I would have my money that next day - that is friday the 11th. That never happened. Then there was an announcemnet on site with the same excuse an promise for all affiliates. Thennnnnn Yesterday an announcement is posted that neither matt nor jason work for the company any longer and we should address all concerns to a Thomas Davies. The contact info given for this guy is bogus!!!!!! He gave a yahoo addy with the corresponding messenger name. Yahoo says these are not valid id's. So basically these shitheads invented some guy and threw up some fake contact info to deflect from themselves. If you work for ppvsales or should i say worked and they owe u money I suggest you do what I'm doing and you make it your mision to get the word out bout these fucktards. We may never get the money they owe us but lets make sure its harder for them to pull this scam or any other scam on any more ppl.
*Update* Matt's wife Nacole Williams-Stumpmier has joined the party. She called me yesterday saying the Fbi had given her my contact info after they personally alerted her to this very post I made. She claims a former business partner hacked go-daddy and stole right from under poor dumb Matt's nose. She seemed shocked and dismayed even when I told her how Matt was still outright refusing to pay all his affs. She assured me that she would get to the bottom of it and make sure we were all paid. I have yet to hear back from her. But seeing as how she called me pretending to be an employer of Matt and Jason and not Matt's wife... I'm not holding my breath.
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Matthew Stumpmier scammer:

To Whom it may concern that Matthew owes money,
His wife (I think ex-wife) not sure.... Nacole Eaton stumpmier williams,
Just fell into money. Her father died leaving her the house, rest will probably go into probate. If she owes you money as of an adventure with Matthew I'd see who could help you get it back (FBI) who-ever.Her father lived at 8334 S.R. 100 Melrose, Fl 32666 His name was Raymond Allen Williams, I googled his obit up. This address is in Clay County Florida 32048 his remains were taken to Monroe MI. Hope you recover, I did'nt and his daughter Nacole, is a witch along with her sister.......Hope the info helps you..........What goes around , comes around...