[METHOD] $5000/month with rewarded surveys and micro tasking platform


found a (completely legit) method to making a few thousand bucks a month using MTurk Requester account.
All what you need is a Requester account, a second account at a market research platform and a way to display a confirmation code after the completed survey.

The trick is to pay Mturk workers to complete surveys at one of the following research platforms.

You don’t know what MTurk is? You definitely should find out ;)
There are some other micro tsak platforms you can use too, but Mturk is the biggest one.

Research platforms:
Sciolinks.com (recommended - read below)

Display code:
Use a free hosting service and upload a html file that displays your code.
Or use a image upload service were you upload an image of your code.

Why I use sciolinks?

They pay me higher then Pollfish did and they use an content locking/link shortening/(whatever) system so I don’t need to code something. Sign in, create a link, create a Mturk task, earn.
I have no experience with survata, but I think they are similar to pollfish.

Something else?

You must have an website get approved to use pollfish. No approval at sciolinks, but there is an “secret quality rank”. I’ve got a warning after the first week because of bad quality. After I changed the mturk worker region to US, UK, germany there were no more problems until now.

If you have other ideas to use sciolinks and pollfish please post below.

By the way I’m doing this for one year and earned $19k, $5k in best month.

Hope you enjoy :D