[method] convert 50$ into 500$ 10 times the earnings every month


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Sep 1, 2011
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have been on this forum since a long time.....but i never made a single penny
actually i never tried to as i have a restaurant business...and i earn good amount of money....as for 12 hours a day i sit behind a desk and browse internet.. last night i decided to finally take some action....took a pen and paper and started writing on "how i can convert 50$ into 500$" in 30 days

here is the method that i finalized for my course of action

i am a good guitarist so my niche is learning guitar online( did my keyword research all day and found that its very competitive) but who cares...."i always do what i aspire to do" ..

i have my own way to design a course of action for my business so i will use the same here

step 1- procure the basic requirement

well for procuring the basic requirments first i need a domain name 10$
a website ( you can outsource it ...but i will build it on my own as i like things completely my way)..i will use wordpress for my web development as its easy to use and many tutorials are available on net) ....so my cost here is nill...wow i saved atleast 30$ to use in traffic generation
content - i am subscribed to more then 100 channels which are teaching guitar...so i have atleast 10,000 videos to copy....

step 2- organise

the website gonna have only 2 major catagory
1st beginers tutorials ( includes everything from buying a guitar to detailed chord progressions)

2nd song tutorials... it gonna have 2 sub categories which are bollywood songs and english songs....

well as per the videos are concerned i gonna embedd youtube videos...its easy and i can embedd 100 videos in a day.........
i will also use a software to convert the speech in the video to text ...so its easy for those who have slow internet connections ( and i believe it gonna give me some SEO benifits aswell)

so a basic video page will look like
the video
text of the video
lyrics of the song

i am also planning to put request a song page and will put a jobless guitar player for uploading the requests

step 3- get the walk ins or in IM language traffic

well i gonna spend atleast 30$ on fiverr gigs to generate some traffic for me.....i am assuming atleast 200 signups in 30$

i have a freindlist of above 2k friends on face book.....and i am a reputed member of some of the top forums related to my niche.....my target is to get atleast 300 signups from these platforms

step 4 - monetizing the walk ins
when i started my cafe my aim was to atleast make 3$ per walkin....so here my aim in the begining is to make atleast 1$ instantly per signup

i gonna put a content unlocker for the free sign ups ......i am assuming atleast 1$ instantly per signup .....so anyhow i have to reach 500 signup mark...to make my 500$

the potential after reaching the goal of 500$ is

i can put download links of the videos...share cash$$$

weekly i will lock the content with some cpa program ( minely email and zip submits) i dun know how i gonna do it ...but will figure it out...more $$$S

some affilate links $$$$s

adwords more $$$$s

i have a guitar manufacturer near my cafe....had a talk with him he can supply me guitars for around 30$ per piece and with my custom brand......more $$$s from a shopping cart

if the response is good i can put drums,keyboards and bass tutorials aswell
like a complete music academy of rock.....

the moment i see there is no profit i gonna flip the site....

as i just invested 50$ and i can flip it for well over 500$ so any how i will reach my aim

anyways this is the method...i will be sitting behind a desk printing bills for my cafe and designing this website....gonna be a good time buster for a while

anyways you can follow the same kinda method on any niche .....from earning online to kamasutra....

please give me your advices and suggestions on this method.......
p.s- please dont ban me
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Sep 28, 2010
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What are you ding is Product creating. you must create you product first or fame first.

Promoting is Next Step.