MMD Solo Ad Marketplace and other changes


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Oct 4, 2009
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Hey everyone hope everyone is enjoying the new improved MMD. It looks much better then it ever has before. this is almost everything I have dreamed about since being with MMD. I would Like to thank Doc, Adam and Bo for there hard work on this forum.

I hope everyone is enjoying it. I hope everyone is finding it much cleaner then the old VB. Yes I am sure there is bugs. there is bound to be bugs. we just transferred everything over from one forum software to another there is bound to be some issues.

I would like to thank everyone on MMD who has stuck by us through the years. I would like to thank the warriors of past for helping to build this great community wherever you may be and humbly invite you back. Special thanks goes out to ol Swifty for his words of old school wisdom through out many threads.

What is happening at MMD? Well methods work great for some time but eventually they start to die out due to the nature of things. Yes it is true a method never truly dies. I mean the site you may use the method on may die but you can use it on another site and get similar results and we go a round robin always hustling to get it to work then when it gets patched we have to go to something else until it works again. On and on ago it is a never ending story.

So what would I like to see? I would like to see dedicated forums dedicated to different aspect of legit online business. Hence is why I started the solo ad marketplace. All online business is pretty much the same. You come up with an idea. do it better then your competitors then push traffic. Yes it does get much more complicated but that is essentially the jist.

The guy who wins is the guy who has developed several business all generating him an income each and every day. This can all be done for either free or by hiring outsourced help. finding and hiring outsourced help that is of quality should really be a topic of it's own. Soo much to do and soo many different possibilities. Could not even cover it all in one post.

I hope you can see where I am going with all this. My goal is to have this forum business minded. Helping newbies get in and building up there first business and helping people who have been in this game for a while step it up and make even more money. My first stop in this journey is going to be solo ads. This is a very basic form of traffic that usually converts pretty good. After we get this going and going good we will start to work on other forms of business. I hope you enjoy and please have fun stick around and give me your ideas and suggestions.