MMDCash Can Take Philippines Chat Traffic


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i try to call buster but no answer at all. how can he/she approve my account, no reply at all... :wavey:
You dont call someone you dont know. You send them a message saying hey can you approve my account please. Im online now accepting applications, I have already approved at least 60 tonight.

Say hey to me on skype and I will speak to you about approving your account. Dont call me.

ok.. sorry for being aggresive i just want to make money:) anyways do you accept class account? a.k.a. sub aff account :)
but still i cant login.. hoping to work with you.. thanks :)


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hi doc, can you approve my account,, i dont know i am trying to send you pm but i dont know why its not wrking,. i just signed up on mdcash account is gelai18. thanks
do you allow me to promote your program and make more good sales to your site sir doc ??
i trained being a professional under an office so you don't have to worry cause we do clean chat and all of my agents .. my account is (domingo) and waiting for approval .. thank and more powers !


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do you accept chat affiliate? i like to try i have groups to advertise it. hi there , i was into chat traffic in 4 yrs . i just want to have a direct account from the website owners or to the real managers.... for long term business here... thanks! btw i have group of chatters to advetise your site . im been scammed by other site like chatwebmaster but i like to try your site and use it for a long term


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same here i tried to contact buster asking if they have an offer that accepts international traffic coz im getting 600+ ave clicks per day but he didn't reply.
Hi there, do you accept chat affiliate? I am looking for REAL and TRUE adult programs that don't rip their affiliates. I've been in the business for 4 years and I met adult programs who ran the money and don't pay. I'm interested on this new site of yours. Please let me know. Thanks!
i would like to join too.. i am a filipino and been a member of some affiliate sites but it doesnt work for me because it appears that most of the offers doesnt work in the philippines.
hey there... does mmdcash still approving accounts. i just register from the site today. and im waiting for doc to get online i wish i get approved soon. im a chatter from philippines.