Monetize Your Traffic with SORA.COM

SORA Affiliate Program

If you know what the traffic monetization is and want to earn from your website – you've come to the right topic. Spend 2 minutes to know more about the new advertising platform.

SORA analytic system has a number of advantages over their competitors . Usually, affiliate networks look similar and don't have any significant differences. Sora is a brainchild of T3Leads project. T3Leads is one of the largest affiliate networks throughout the world (20 000 affiliates). SORA analytic system is based on the experience of thousands of affiliates. We know exactly the needs of our publishers.

Cooperating with us gives you the following opportunities:
1. Better offer – higher payouts
2. SORA monetizes all traffic
3. SORA will find the right offer for all users with the best price for publisher.

A few details:
A publisher receives 80 + from the lead sale/click
Fortnightly payouts (ACH, PayPal, Check, Webmoney)
Processing about 14 days
Different types of integration
Maximum speed of system operation
Sora provides ready-made forms
Geo targeting – USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia
Themes - payday loan, microbanking, mortgage (we are out of competition in this field), services, goods, etc.
FREE Registration
Intuitive interface
BONUS : detailed online statistics and a personal account Manager

Take into account all the benefits and don't hesitate to register and earn money where others are losing them.

P.S. : If you fail to convert your traffic – send it to us. Don’t discard your “non-relevant” traffic. SORA is the solution you’ve been missing.

Best regards, SORA.