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You can offer the creation blogs, script installs and websites etc. People pay from $49+ just to install, change themes and plugins and optimize a blog.

There was a dude the other day that sent me a message. He told me that he would give me $50 just to throw up the basic blog on his hosting with his own domain.

I went into his hosting, went to Fantastico and in 10 seconds I had what he wanted. I told him not to worry about the fifty bucks, he insisted and paid me anyway. He said that he felt obligated to pay me for my time.

I guess I should have told him it took me ten seconds, or even about Fantastico.

Oh well. I realize that a there are a lot of newbies on this forum trying to make their first dollar. If you can build a simple website, go to ebay and market your services, make $47+ for just building blogs.

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**This is my usual category for blog building**

Fantastico is an auto install program in hosting that not too many newbies know about. When I build a blog I use fantastico, then I automatically ftp a folder that contains my favorite plugins and themes. it makes for a quick install. I can build a good looking blog for a customer in less than a half hour. Its just a matter of being organized.

On your ebay listings you can offer hosting. Just use a reseller hosting account at hostgator. But the trick is, offer free hosting for a few months or so, then you start charging like $5 per month, if they do not like it, tell them they are free to move their site elsewhere whenever they wish, no obligation. Most will pay because moving an established blog can be a pain in the ass.

Here is a tip; go to ebay, login and then do a search for something you could do.
eg. script installations

Then, on the left, choose the option "completed listings". You will get a list of all the completed listings for the past few months. Watch for the ones that have sold for a decent price, then click on them to figure out why.

The Completed listings option is good for showing you whats hot and how much people are willing to pay for stuff. The best thing, this research is free.

If you are going to sell some crappy website on ebay, maybe some script you found, install a blog on the backend and market it as such. It makes the website a hundred times more appealing.

Make sure you put a contact email in your listing because its allowed.
[email protected]
If people want to learn more about you, they will visit the site that the email address belongs to.

The other interesting thing I found is that you can post the link where your images are hosted, it has to be a direct link to the folder on your site:
Images hosted by index of/allyourimages
ALWAYS have an "about me" page. It is the one place that you are allowed to post a few links. Always post a link in your auction listing to your about me page.

Any way that you can pull eBay traffic to your site is an absolute bonus. I have seen people with "demo" sites set up to show scripts that are now pr2 because of eBay.

Here is a great idea, everyone deciding to do this on ebay... lets not cut each others throats.

I try to get minimum $20.00 for an install, thats basic seo plugins, update the pinglist, permalinks add some themes done.

I try to get $47 min for an autoblog. the same as above but automated content using wp videotube and wp answers.

This is great pricing, lots of people buy at these prices, no need to do installs for 5 bucks.

And just another thought, this will take a little more time and cost.
Why work for pocket change when you can buy shit proxy website from sitepoint for $180

for example

and then sell it on ebay for $2400

for example

that's a huge site flip if you asked me


Make Money Online
Brilliant methods :)
I would love to receive such messages asking for Cpanel help in return for some bucks. I mean, I have more tricks up my sleeve than some Autoinstaller or Cron Job.. I'm trying the first one right away hehe


Make Money Online
It is a really good advice but do you have a method do get peoples attention?

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It is useful and excellent for noobs like me.
I also have problem about how to find the customers, but I got some ideas from seglob111's reply.
Thank you for the post.


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The OP is a year old, is this kind of stuff still selling on Ebay? Because I'm seeing tons of these kinds of offers sitting there with no bids. I'm making 1-2K a month just selling stuff I don't want to wear anymore out of my own closet and I know for a fact that works.


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Is there any money is selling stuff on ebay anymore? It seems like with the fees they charge and the competitive pricing of products on the internet that it would be had to make any serious cash selling on ebay these days?


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Ebay selling is becoming more difficult. Unless you have a great supplier (way below cost) or you make what you sell, any profits get eaten by ebay fees and paypal charges.


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.., nowadays the new rule of ebay make seller in difficult position, such as limit listing for new seller etc.
but this is a good sharing.., thanks a lot..=)


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Sorry for the bump, but brilliant idea chap. I have been doing this for many people and this works great. You are right about the HostGator reseller hosting, many of these newbies don't know how to move it or are just too lazy.


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Ebay dont work like it used to. Now everyone uses CL. and with the fees ebay and paypa charge, you are better off going and standing in the mall parking lot.

Stuff that is being sold on ebay are just as expensive as the stuff you can buy retail.

eBay is dead in my eyes. (Although I heard if you are a risk taker, replicas are hot these days.)