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Ok, forgive me if this testimonial comes off blunt, but I'm not the most eloquent speaker hahaha. I'll keep it brief too so that this post doesn't devolve into a redundant mess.

Would you pay 50 dollars a month for software if it was certain that you would make that money back and more nearly instantly? I think the answer for most people would be yes. VIP is more useful than any software, any ebook, or any other similar IM tool you can think of. You have a ton of methods that are easy to implement and that will work so well you won't be able to believe you wasted so much time not being in VIP, you get tons of awesome shares including some nice exclusive software, and most importantly you get direct support from this sites awesome staff. Seriously, there is not a time of day that you cant go into VIP chat and get guidance from this sites staff. I really don't know how else to explain it, but a short summation would be that if you're serious about making money online, just buy VIP. Hell, if you start threads on the forums in an appreciable quantity unlike me, you'll probably make the money back each month just from putting your adsense code into your profile so it shows up in your threads.

I've been into internet marketing for around 5 years and I've been on alot of different forums and tried alot of different things, and I can say with my hand on my heart that there is no better place to get serious than VIP. Between the content and the staff that is seriously above and beyond any other forums staff I've ever seen, VIP is, to me, the best way to invest your money to make more in the world of internet marketing.

Seriously, sign up today, pick one of the many posted methods in there and make your money back and more at a literally breakneck speed.


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good review. and just to add, like i said in my review, its important to put in work and think outside the box in vip or u may think its not worth it. i remember seeing a guy around vip saying it wasnt worth it but i could just tell from his demeanor that he wasnt a worker/thinker and just expected to have the money fall right into his hands. This isnt the attitude that will make it in vip or outside vip for that matter..