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We would like to introduce to you MyLead - an innovative affiliate network from Poland. We have already achieved a lot on the local business market and we are now also available globally.

Earn with us in a modern and unlimited way!

We offer almost 400 affiliate programs, up to 15 categories, in which you will find various services. We stand out with an innovative character - we are not just another, ordinary affiliate network, in which you can order a payment on one specific day in a month. We understand your expectations and we realize them every day.

Rate MyLead and get gifts from us!

Before our official entry on the foreign business markets, we would like to know your opinion about MyLead. is one of the first places where we created our topic. We care about our your opinion which will affect the future appearance of MyLead.

Create a free account and let us know what you think about us!
You will help us improve MyLead, additionally gaining and collecting bonuses!

We will reward the most helpful reviews by adding money into your MyLead account balance and giving you vouchers with higher rates on your favourite programs

The more valuable and sophisticated opinion - the greater the chance of getting a bonus!​

We will be grateful, if you express your opinion about:
  • general impression of using MyLead;
  • the ease of finding individual functions, programs;
  • the quality of English translation of the portal.

Promote and earn with MyLead!

We always work with our publishers. Just let us know how you earn and what affiliate programs you promote, and we will do everything to make them appear in our offer especially for you, with better terms! But that is not all we can provide you with!

You get your money quickly! You will easily pay out your remuneration, usually within 48 hours, using bank transfer (we operate about 50 countries), PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Webmoney and ePayments. We always choose modern solutions!

While spending a bit of your time describing the programs that you are promoting, you can only take advantages of it!

Check our wide offer of affiliate programs on MyLead

Your opinion matters!

We never limit the creativity of our publishers. It sets the direction of our development and introduction of new functionalities. That’s why your opinion is the most important for us. Remember - you can send us any suggestion, that we will definitely take into consideration.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us in a lot of ways - via chat, private messages, social media, e-mail, telephone and even through our Discord server.

Remember that adding money into your MyLead account balance and the codes for higher rates on your favourite programs, are waiting for you!

Create a free account on MyLead and check the global platform for generating money!


If you make money on dating and erotic programs or you have advertising experience for this type of affiliate programs, then MyLead will be the perfect choice for you. You will increase your profit and you will better use your potential.

A huge base that meets every expectation

We have 32 affiliate programs for adults - that’s the exact amount you can find on our website. There are programs from various categories - dating sites, sex services, adult broadcasting platforms, diet supplements and online games!

Such a huge choice makes no difference what your client’s profile looks like - you will always find an affiliate program that will generate profits for you and effectively use your own abilities!

E-mail submit, credit card submit, PPI, SMS - we have affiliate programs in various monetization models - you can always decide for yourself what way you’ll choose! How will you satisfy your recipients’ desires?

Go to the MyLead publisher panel and start earning money on eroticism!

What do we recommend you?

Well Hello
CPA | Rate: 32.93 $ | Commission: credit card authorization | Preview: CLICK | Countries of operation: USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Portal with materials for adults. Movies, photos and everything that will satisfy your customers. A huge base for everyone. A high rate for the lead.

CPL | Rate: up to 2.15 $ | Commission: e-mail submit | Preview: CLICK | Countries of operation: 52 countries including USA, Russia, Australia, UK and Turkey
A popular portal with broadcasts for adults. The opportunity to see beautiful women live. High registration rate.
CPS | Rate: 24.36 $ | Commission: sale - access to the platform | Preview: CLICK | Countries of operation: global
A sexual portal that allows dating. The opportunity to meet hot women. High sale rate.

CPL | Rate: 1.1 $ | Commission: e-mail submit | Countries of operation: USA, Canada and Poland
A dating site for people looking for sexual intercourses. High registration rate. An effective sales page.

Real Amateurs
CPA | Rate: 28.23 $ | Commission: credit card authorization | Preview: CLICK | Countries of operation: 33 countries including USA, UK, Russia and Germany
Portal with broadcasts for adults with a very high rate. It gives you the opportunity to chat with women and also to watch individual shows. It operates in many countries.

PPI | Rate: up to 1,92 $ | Commission: app installation | Preview: CLICK | Countries of operation: global
A partner program using PPI method. It gives you the opportunity to watch adult broadcasts for downloading the installer. Remuneration for each app installation. Effective landing.

Start earning now

Join MyLead - a global, innovative affiliate network and earn more than ever!

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The MyLead Discord server, created for people like you, has quickly reached number of 500 people who joined us! Such a huge community cannot be wrong!

Every one of them is waiting to talk to you about making money online, to discuss the promotion methods, share niches and answer any questions!



A big center for making money online

There are 23 thematic channels on the server, divided into 5 different categories. You can talk about all topics - from affiliation, through SEO and own websites, to freelancing. There are also voice channels.

The answers you need

On the server you will find the MyLead team that will always give you full support. However, this is not the only help you will get. On our Discord, there are also affiliate experts and people with programming knowledge!

It is the best place to get free and professional support!

The most active users gain

On the server, we use a rank system that distinguishes you. Who are you? A mammon helper? A financial champion? IT dollar brain? Depending on your activity and knowledge, you will receive the right reward!

In the future, an addition to the activity will be promotional codes that will increase your rates on your favourite partner programs and will allow you to earn more!


Find a mentor

On our server you will find a special channel - #mentoring, where mentors are waiting for you, they will introduce you to the techniques of generating profit without leaving your home. They will show you what you should pay attention to, as well as provide you ready niches..

Get your profit now!

By joining our server, you never lose anything!
  1. Free access for everyone;
  2. Contact with people who have more extensive knowledge about the world of earning via Internet;
  3. Answers to all your questions;
  4. MyLead team support;
  5. Opportunity to find a mentor;
  6. The possibility of getting bonuses in the future.
Join us now!

What are you waiting for? Time to become another person destined for success - join the Discord server now!



SOI sweepstakes programs have recently become one of the most popular affiliate programs. MyLead keeps expanding its offer by adding new sweepstakes with prizes of the most popular brands! Promote them now and earn more than ever! What’s more, client do not have to verify email address!

You get $0.80 for each client!

Promote well-known brands!
iPhone XS
CPA | Rate: $0.80 | Commission: fill out the form | Countries: UK, France, Spain, Poland | Preview: CLICK
Contest with the possibility of winning the new iPhone XS.

(UK version) - (France version) - (Spain version)

CPA | Rate: $0.80 | Commission: fill out the form | Countries: France, Spain, Poland | Preview: CLICK
Contest with the possibility of wining the cosmetics collection from L'Oreal Paris. Perfect program for women.

(France version) - (Spain version)

CPA | Rate: $0.80 | Commission: fill out the form | Countries: France, Poland | Preview: CLICK
Contest with the possiblity of winning gummy bears from Haribo. The prize is worth 30 euro - getting it seems real.

(France version)

[size=large]BP Free Petrol[/size]
CPA | Rate: $0.80 | Commission: fill out the form | Countries: UK, Poland | Preview: CLICK
Contest with the possibility of winning a voucher for free fuel from the BP station. Perfect program for drivers.

(UK version)

Start earning now!

Go to MyLead and start earning on sweepstakes programs now!


Up to $3.19 for each client who will create an account, confirm email address and perform an easy action? With Gamehag on MyLead it’s possible!

What is Gamehag?

Gamehag is an innovative service that allows you to receive valuable prizes by playing games and performing quick tasks! All you need is a a bit of time to get VISA cards, Steam vouchers or other gifts. The currency on the Gamehag site are Soul Gems. You can get them by completing goals described above.

Program is very easy to promote - its operating principles mean that no one needs to be persuaded to set up an account. Everyone would like to get expensive gifts for free.

Easy actions = a lot of money!

All the client needs to do is complete 3 simple actions, so you could get your $3.19:
  1. Create an account
  2. Confirm email address provided during registration
  3. Gain 500 Soul Gems (it can only be one task)

And ready - you get your remuneration!

What are you waiting for?

Go to MyLead and join the Gamehag partner program now! Money is waiting for you!


+ 20% for every lead!

Better late than never! On Black Friday we have prepared an exclusive promotion for you, with which you will earn even more!

You receive from us +20% for EVERY gained lead for 72 hours!
No matter how many leads you generate - you earn more right from the start!

Your code: BF2018

You earn more on everything!

The promotion applies to all partner programs based on all monetization type!

It doesn't matter if you earn on e-mail submit, erotica or other partner programs - you always get an additional 20% to your profits. CPL? IVR? Chat SMS? CPA? Yes - we pay you more everywhere!

It's easy:
  • If you earn $50, you get an additional $10!
  • If you earn $100, you get an additional $20!
  • If you earn $300, you get an additional $60!
  • If you earn $1000, you get an additional $200!

72 hours full of money!

You earn more than you do every day! So you have 4320 minutes, during which you will have even more money in your pockets!

The promotion is valid from Friday (23/11/2018) to Sunday (25/11/2018).

Promote now!

Go to your publisher panel and use your code now!


Imagine one dating affiliate program operating in all countries around the world, always displaying the right offer. With MyLead it's possible! Get to know Adult Dating - Smartlink!

Model: CPL | Rate: up to 4.29 $ | Commission: creating account, confirming email.

The restrictions are no longer necessary!
Adult Dating - Smartlink automatically recognizes the country the customer comes from and directs it to the appropriate campaign, available in the local language, depending on the recipient's location! Adult Smartlink is a combination of many campaigns under one affiliate program!

Remember - Smartlink works globally!

This allows you to get paid for erotic dating and programs in many markets at the same time, at the same time assured that always used 100% your ad traffic!


Улыбнись! MyLead grows in strength!

We are available right now on Russian and Ukrainian language, , thus MyLead becomes a platform available in 4 languages of the world.

Bigger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) MyLead
The account on the portal already has over 21,000 people from around the world. This makes us a growing player on globally markets.

Earn with a global affiliate network

Use affiliate programs on MyLead and take full advantage of your advertising traffic earning on clients from every country in the world!


The MyLead channel on Discord becomes bigger and bigger! At the moment, more than 1000 people use it - each of them is aiming for success and money!

Join the discussion!
Join to the discussion on channel #international and talk about methods to earn, receive express help from support and contact people the same as you from over the world!

Be active = money!
Be active and receive further ranks that show your internship. Money enthusiast, affiliate magician, financier shark, king of wealth - who are you? Get in the rankings and get additional promotional codes that increase your bids on all partner programs! Start the fight for bigger earnings now!


Lead is in the air! On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we have an exclusive promotional code for you that increases your rates in all partner programs by as much! 5% for 24 hours!

You’ll get up 5% for 24 hours!

Your code is:

We are your valentines and remember - we love you!
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Use a totally refreshed MyLead bonuses system and get bonuses that increase your earning in all affiliate programs!

Get profit for showing your earnings, using our signature, keeping an earning journal, creating a guide for MyLead or using other actions. You have 8 ways to earn more!

Your total bonus can be up to 10% for every lead ! For some affiliate programs, it is even 40$ more on each lead! Take advantage now!


On the occasion of the Women's Day, we wish all the earning ladies all the best - the fulfillment of dreams, a waterfall of leads and sacks full of money!

Promote a well-known dating site - Flirt, and earn more on every lead!

Up to 2.31$ for each customer

Just for only e-mail confirm.

What is Flirt?
Flirt is one of the most popular dating sites, with millions of unique hits per month, offering the opportunity to find a partner or flirting partner. We invite you to the promotion!

MyLead is the best place in the world to make money online in 2019!

We are the champions in 2019

Elite and one of the largest forums for affiliation and profit generation in home -, has awarded us as the best affiliate network and the best affiliate program in the current year. We won against dozens of other well-known platforms!

Earn with the best!

Join the best affiliate network now and earn with us!


We listen to your requests!
Welcome eights withdrawal method - Revolut
Revolut - modern banking
Revolut is a globally growing system of bank accounts, extremely modern and convenient to use. You can call it the banking of the 21st century.

Withdraw as you like
MyLead is one of the first affiliate networks in the world, which has decided to introduce this innovative way to pay money. Thus Revolut joins the bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, ePayments, Payza, Payoneer, and Webmoney.


Earning knows no limits! Take advantage of all new smartlinks on MyLead and earn money on all over the world! Especially for you, we have created a new tab - Smartlinks, in which you will find all the programs that help you monetize clients from around the world!

How much you’ll earn?
Even 43.55 $ for one customer! Smartlinks are most often based on the CPL model - the need to set up an account and confirm the e-mail address, but sometimes they also support CPA! You can get an additional commission for selling from your link!


Promote Chili in Great Britain, Germany and Poland and get up to 10.40 $ for every customer! Use local versions and promote movies and series for even higher rates!

Chili - Great Britain

Chili - Germany

Chili - Poland

What is Chili?
Chili is a well-known VOD portal, which has the largest world cinema hits and series on offer. Provides legal access to thousands of online productions. It is a new player on the Polish video-on-demand market, thanks to your traffic can become client of this platform.​

Easter is associated with eggs, right? However, we have other wishes for you!

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, we wanted to wish you a bunny who will bring you a huge basket of leads. We hope that spring and joy will come to your life.

We are very happy that you are with us.

Best regards, MyLead team.

We have a unique e-book for you that will tell you about building chatbots for the popular messenger - Messenger. Bots on Messenger is an extremely modern way to earn money on affiliation.

We also have a start bonus for you!
You’ll gain 10% more to all leads for 24 hours.

How to get a free guide and bonus?
Go to MyLead, go to the "Your bonuses" tab and follow the instructions in the "Voting" tile. Vote for MyLead in several categories, which will not take you more than 60 seconds and receive all bonuses!

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