Need help ? 17 year old please help

Hello, I'm 17 and left school last year. Trying to find a job is hard, I was looking for a game to buy and came across Ebay! Then i thought i could sell stuff and get a good income.

Can you please help me out with this!

1. I would like to sell I.e Cables, Ipod chargers, + Stuff like that..

But I have been looking for about 4-5 week's and it's really hard. Is there any good site's or people you know where i can buy bulk at good price's.

If you could help and i become very Rich I will cut you on the share ;)

My email - [email protected] - Any help please let me know.

A good site i've used is Alibaba.
They have infinite supplies of anything you could want for eBay selling. Direct from China, the prices are usually insanely cheap, which goes to show, the profit margin that the reseller makes.
Although, like all marketplaces, a few people do get scammed every now and then so you should be wary of the legitimacy of the vendor you're buying from. Alibaba's listing process tends to put "Gold Suppliers" at the top of the search results, but be careful because the Gold status is a paid attribute not one based on reputation.
Usually you will find that the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is in the thousands range, especially when buying iPhone cases, and although samples can be ordered, a pricey fee is usually attached. If you're looking for a smaller quantity (with a slightly inflated price), then you should go to their secondary website, AliExpress
Best wishes to all your business ventures and I hope I could help you find what you need.