Network that accepts chat traffic and pay per signup


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for all affiliate program, all you have to do is go to their site and register an account. after registration you have to wait for its approval. From what I know they search yahoo directory for yahoo email accounts and dont be surprised if someone added you asking or letting you know that they have affiliate programs to promote. go to flushcash then register an account and select DEFAULT as your referral. Thats standard to select default.

Hope it could help you. good luck.


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Ok nice to hear that. Hope you do accept chat traffic from PH. I would like to ask for a managers account. I'm just waiting.. ;)
Yea we will accept chat traffic and we will focus into it. We will be accepting it soon as we have launch the program this month!


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I gotta throw my 2 cents in here and tell you enticecash . com is awesome and absolutely allows chat traffic. I've worked for them for 7 years now - never a problem! US and International affiliates are accepted!


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i agree with kimber.. been with them for almost a year now.. always paid on time.. im from the philippines.. :) you just gotta keep your sales clean..


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can anyone help me on enticecash? i emailed Rob but the email keeps bouncing back.. i have a problem on my account.. if anyone knows how to contact them other than email, please kindly post their contact info.. maybe ym or any messenger.. thank you..

Edit: Problem solved now. it seems problem is on their servers only.
Re: who will i contact to join that program?

here at bizarredollars we accept chat traffic, 35 PPS 20 PPS or rev share option

Hit me up

ICQ 398 325 831
skype bizarredollars
I recommend, cam4pleasure they really pays in time and there's nothing to worry about your SSN. also ADL the same way...
Hello pk4inch,

Can you please tell me how I can generate money from that site. I have registered there but doesn't how to go about making money from there.

Thank you so very much in anticipation.