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Hello acidburn2880,

Can you please tell me how I can generate money from that site. I will appreciate it if you can send me a prime as I do not have enough prime to prime you. you can also mail me via donfrancklin(at)yahoo(dot)com on how to go about making money from there.

Thank you so very much in anticipation.
Feel free to ask ... theres only one guy who didnt get pay yet and was because a problem with payoneer(problem solved), so he will get pay later. gor the rest they allways get pay

Really tango? Only one guy? Then what do you call us?

Ladies & Gents, I would like to share my experience with you in dealing with this unprofessional guy who claims to have a real site that pays well.

Some time in October, we did try to sell their site and made roughly $315 worth of sales. When our payment was already due, I checked my account to see if they have already sent the payment. It was indicated there that the payment have been sent, cool. I thought I gotta wait for a few more days before if can be credited to my bank account. I have been patient in exchanging emails with coh_een until she decided to tell me to just talk to tango. I added him up, left a message saying it has been a month already but we have not received a single buck for our payout. I got no response.

5 hours later, I tried to talk to him again and yes, he finally replied. I told him my concern and he was nice to entertain me even if he said, he only saw ONE PPS on my account. Why? I didn't know until I checked his site again only to see they have changed it to new one and all our data have been deleted. Good thing, they have this feature of sending email to their affiliates everytime they make a sale. I have all those email including the exhange of conversations I had with them regarding the pending payout they failed to release. But hey, come to think of it, even if they migrated their site, they should have a back up on their affiliates' data just in case of any unexpected incidence right? Well, they didn't have it and told me they lose it. So I forwarded all the emails I could gather as a proof and yes, he promised to pay me. Here's our conversation:

tango507money: just send me the email to [email protected]
tango507money: so i can check that and make the corrections
ME: ok thank you
ME: hi. i forwarded your last email about my supposed to be worth 315$ payout.
tango507money: ok
tango507money: let me check
tango507money: Cool
tango507money: remember you
tango507money: the problem was that we miss all the data from the payouts of that period
tango507money: so we are having a hard time to pay
tango507money: its 18:30 here
tango507money: i will send your funds right away by moneygram
tango507money: so you can pick up the money the same day
ME: you have paxum sir?
tango507money: we dont use paxum
tango507money: payoneer, wire or moneygramm
ME: i see. my payoneer card didn't arrive yet. so please just send it in whichever is convenient to you.
tango507money: for y its better and fast by moneygramm
tango507money: sorry for this delay
ME: alright. sorry for bothering you, it's just that, my agents are waiting for that payout. thank you.
tango507money: no worries​
He was nice and accommodating so I didn't demand anything even if I really wanted to.
But then, two days had passed and no details were forwarded to me. I decided to be more patient about it and approach him again. Here:

4:18:03 AM
ME: Hi
tango507money: hey
ME: Have you sent it?
tango507money: will be today in about 3 hours
tango507money: thats when we send the moneY
tango507money: ill give you the details ounce we send the money​


ME: I am waiting for a response. I do hope you could send send one.
tango507money: im here
tango507money: beign out for a while
tango507money: tellme
tango507money: how can i help u
ME: about the payout you promised.
ME: you said last time you'll send it in 3 hours ngbut i never heard anything from you again
tango507money: can you refresh me your name or the amount to send you plz?
ME: 315 $ MYNAME

6:33:23 AM
tango507money: e****its your username right?
ME: yes.
tango507money: cool i remember you
tango507money: your the girl on the pic?
ME: yes
tango507money: ok
tango507money: gorgeous
tango507money: single?

ME: married. i'm sorry but my agents have been waiting for the payout.
tango507money: Cool
tango507money: i was out for almost 1 month
tango507money: traveling to philippines
tango507money: i will send you the money tomorrow if you dont minD
tango507money: yes i say that i will send you the money in 1 hour the last time
tango507money: my baD
tango507money: sorry
tango507money: your the only one that didnt have the money yet for almos 3 months
tango507money: or somenthing like that
ME: yes. we actually stopped doing the marketing business but my agents are still waiting for the pending payouts.
tango507money: i understand

ME: i can be patient if the money is just mine alone but it isn't. so i hope this time you can send it for real
ME: i will send you the money tomorrow at first time in the morning( EASTERN TIME) plus $100 for the delay
ME: thats how i do the thinks when i make mistakes
ME: No need to do that Sir. I need just the 315 and the other one left on the account, the only one recorded in your database so far. 345 in total. But thanks for the offer anyway.
tango507money: as u wish
ME: thank you​

After 5 days:

ME: Hope you're there
ME: ?
tango507money: Im here honey
tango507money: How can I help u
ME: You still haven't sent the payout yet?
tango507money: Your sexy as hell
tango507money: You know that
ME: Well thanks for the compliment but it is way out of the issue and doesn't make me less disappointed at all

IM Nov 30, 2011 4:27:56 PM

ME: <ding>​

IM Nov 30, 2011 5:09:31 PM

tango507money: <ding>
ME: Still not sent? Have not gotten a concrete response yet​

I found him to be very irritating at that time but I controlled my temper for professionalism sake.
Now do you know what happened after his promises of sending my payout in 3 hours, in the morning,
tomorrow, blah blah blah, HERE:

IM Dec 26, 2011 4:55:57 PM
ME: <ding>​
tango507money: <ding>
tango507money: merry xmas

IM Dec 26, 2011 6:34:55 PM

ME: You still have not sent the payment
ME: How come?

IM Dec 28, 2011 12:44:21 AM

ME: Tell me straight if I should just forget about our pending payout so I will stop bugging you

IM Dec 28, 2011 1:53:12 PM

tango507money: i really dont have any issue with a payment instead of yours, therefore i can not pay you for those sales you have like a 60% on refunds from those couples of sales sorry
tango507money: if you want you can go ahead and spread the word on the forums or whatever you want, its up to you but remember that theres was some FAQ that im more than sure that you read where it says about the 60% thing

IM Dec 28, 2011 3:34:26 PM
ME: Really? You should have told me in the first place. I've seen some issues about you before. There are a lot of questionable things that happened. First, our data were deleted, how come you were able to see that those sales are on refunds? Second, you kept me waiting for months which is very unprofessional. And lastly, being a leader, you should be reliable and should keep your word in any way. Well, I have money to pay for what you owe me and I have manners not to keep someone waiting because I gave my word. Well I'm sorry but I really would have to post this as I don't want this to happen to anyone again.
tango507money: Ok​

Mr. Tango, you have the data of the refunds and yet you didn't have the data of our sales, what happened?
I do not mind about not getting paid if it was just about me. It was for my agents and they were waiting for their salary. You see sir, for them, $30 is a big amount already. You made me wait in vain and you never acted to fulfill your promises of paying us. You said about the 60% in the FAQ, then why did you have to promise that you'll be paying us? We waited patiently for 3 months. What did you do? All we had were words but what else can I do? In this kind of market, we hold nothing but the promise of getting paid.

I sincerely wish you luck in your endeavor but I just couldn't sit here and allow you to do this to other hopeful affiliates.
I already paid my agents using my own money and I didn't post this to ask you again to pay me. I posted this to warn the people out there who are in the same field.​
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