I would like to invite for those affiliates Home base chatters and webmasters who wants to be a part on our program. its about dating site program $45 to $55 and $65 Pay per tiral/pay per sales, NO CBR no REFUND, we will pay your effort,
We accept Chat Traffic and are willing to build a long term business relationship with you.

What we Offer?
No Hold payout.

Sample Pay Period

Makes Sales, Monday to Sunday, and you get paid by Monday,

Payment Method. No Hold pay out,.

i can provide sms or smpt bot,.

i can also provide site that its hard for you to enter to make your sales,

we can give you some source witch vpn is good for you to use for your to find a client,

we have also SPD bonus, Sales Per day bonus, for example if you reach a 30 to 50 sales per day, i can give you a big amount of bonus plus your sales, we can talk about it just ping me if you are interested,

Wire Transfer $ 100.00

NOTE : We accept CL , Chats , Bots , Ewhore any traffic what ever you called that hit me up skype, shakiracambrille,

Lets make more $$$$ and build the strong 2018