New Here and researching my but off.

Hi Gang, I am in the process of learning the biz. I am pretty tech savvy and am coming from a graphic design and brick and mortar marketing/product development background.

I decided to quit smoking and got in to e-cigarettes and vaping a few months ago. I think it may be a growing industry and want to get in during the first few years. I threw up a quit blog site to monitor my progress in getting traffic to the site. I plan on expanding and doing more sites and blogs in the future, but this was and easy start content wise by just pulling existing youtube reviewers. Thank you for having me and I hop I dont become a pain. ;)

The Vape Ape
Sweet, all I can say is to take what you learn and apply it. You will make money faster that way. Some people just keep researching and researching, hoping for perfection when they start. The problem is, they never START! Just take what you know and apply it. Make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more money will flow.

Max Singapore

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the website is simple and ncie but is not Tight enough , having a photo log of what you did and posting it online is one hell of a good way . same go for diet plans and all kinda process that is never easy to follow .

back to the website if you need help i will be more then willing to help you adjust your website .

i will re-layout for you and you got to do the coding anf css yourself i will give you the graphic adjusted version .

drop me a pm if i can be of any help .

don;t worry about money i am happy to do it for free just to know more friends :)
Just wonder, how things are going now? Vaping industry developed greatly since then, I guess there is hardly a person who never tried to vape. I personally love my wax pen vaporizer from GypsyVapes (perfect for oil concentrates) and I find vaping 100 times safer and better than smoking, I guess no one will argue.