Offline method with ringtones


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Create a ringtone special card that looks slick, hip, sexy,hot,modern and appeals to the younger people. Make it look extremely good, but of course you'll have to put your ringtone domain on the ringtone special card. If you make this look ugly and not organised, it won't work as well at all.

Okay, You've got the design? When you format it, make sure you can get 8-10 cards per page. Alright, print those fuckers out at printing place in your city I'm sure there are many. Now your going to get them laminated.After that cut them out one by one accurately.

Try to find a popular high-school kids and teens (maybe someone that plays on the football team, or the cheerleaders or school president) and have them pass these things out all over school.

This can work with those cush offers as well since teens really love them now of course on your ringtone domain make sure you iframe it and make it look free this will really increase and skyrocket conversions of course on the card say it's free for the cool people

Now, alternatively you can do what I currently do which is buy ads from the schools it'll be much cheaper and give a little $$ to have it on the bulletin the link your so called amazingly cool free hotest ringtone club.


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Sounds interesting but I noticed that this post is almost 15 months old and the OP hasn't answered a question about what kind of income he has generated with this method. I can see this method making money, but not a lot of cash as it is generally limited by the number of cards distributed. Unless he gets it to go viral, I doubt it is a big earner.

Or maybe I am wrong? Anyone tried this and made decent cash?


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Re: Offline method with *********

Its a basically just a laminated business card with graphics and your domain that has your ringtone CPA offer.
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