Organic SEO for Drugs Site

I am doing SEO for Medical Drugs Site.
it is difficult to do organic SEO, bcz when ever I try to build link, it says; you can not use this site.

Website name is

Please let me suggestion that which way i should use for its organic SEO.

this site is hit by penguin in past;
it might be because of this site containing some adult information so you cannot optimize or try contacting Google webmaster tools account..


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Your SEO efforts could be useless (speaking on backlinking terms), it's officially Rogue Pharmacy, listed on LegitScript

  • Procuring a business listing in Google.
  • Ensuring that you’re included in online directories and citations with your name, address, phone (and clean up any duplicates so as to not cause confusion about which listing is the accurate one).
  • Encouraging your customers to post online reviews.
  • Optimizing your keywords based on location and relevancy. A good example is: Italian restaurant | Westerville, OH.
  • Building links to other local businesses.