Road to $100/day with FB Viral Apps


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Sup Guys,

I'm using a method posted here by acura420 and if you want to check out the original post for download links its here -

I plan to make this journal very informative for people looking to do the same. I hope to put up some instructional videos but sorry I haven't made them yet. I just want to get this journal started so I can write down my daily progress.

GOAL = $100 a Day... You can do it!

So Just Like Acura420 said in his post my strategy is to make apps, then when enough people (50-150) are in the app I sp4m their FB wall and their friends wall with a link to a BRAND NEW app. You do this because 80% of the time once you sp4m out that app is going to be disabled/banned. That is OK though because now you have a new app with new people and new leads, Chances are its more people than the previous app.

I ran into a little hiccup today so I really feel like I could have earned double of that didn't happen but here are my stats for today.




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Wow HUUUUUGGEE setback...

Facebook just banned ALL my Apps and completely banned me from making new ones.

Hopefully I can get some PVA accounts and set them up ASAP so I can make some money.

And yes I installed this on hostgators shared hostings.

And yes you need a SSL link for your apps but hostgator provides that for free you just need to know where to look. Google hostgator free shared SSL.

he there,

I've been following your chat with seotactic as I intend to have a go at this method.

Hope you got your issues with it sorted out.

I know you've been helping voi_tech with this.

So, I assume ineo brown is no good from what you said. Is that right?

What do you use? Where can we get it?




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Glad to see you are earning from this! Big money can be made from this for sure, And I see your on the right path. This neo works very good it all depends on how you manage it to keep the apps alive longer. Its abit easyer for the new neo I got to keep apps alive for about a month! But the more apps you have setup the better. I would not do no more them 10 apps per pva!

Good Luck!



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Wow HUUUUUGGEE setback...

Facebook just banned ALL my Apps and completely banned me from making new ones.
Yeah that's going to happen pretty damn often. ****ming FB can make some short term cash but a solid 100/day isn't going to be as easy. I like the new NeoApp concept though.