Runescape Botting simple easy money doing very little work 50-++++ a day

Stop trying thieving. You will find there a lot of PAIN and useless hard work + non automated tasks or leveling on some stages and it levels up slow. In addition to all that, you will have to level up your agility as well as thieving and so on. Also there are many other things that make it hard even when you try to do it with just one bot.

Fishing is good only on very high levels.

As it has been said before, Woodcutting is solid. Yell trees have high price and it's fully automated. You just need to buy a cheap axe once.
Thinking more like woodcutting and then planking. Least that's what I'm working on doing now.
Alright Smeltz pretty good thread and In a way I like that it wasn't too informative because it forces people to do their own research and thus hopefully doesn't saturate the method. It's actually a little time consuming trying to roam around this glitchy horrible little game but i got 2 bots running right now fishing lobsters. I had a question though, Do we want to bank our lobsters at Stiles?


Edit - Also I was killed while botting, My bot would go to Stiles and would bank my lobsters so I had 271 lobsters in my inventory and a lobster cage when I died I was able to keep 2 lobsters and my cage.. Is there any way around this? Cant see how I can just let this thing go if its going to just die and lose everything it just spent hours botting for. Any information on this would help thanks.
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Can't bank at stiles only note. You have to go back off the island to bank. They put a deposit box on the port sarim dock to save ya alittle time. Pretty sure you'll have to walk the account there yourself as I haven't seen any scripts that will go on and off the island for you. Make sure you have your combat level up some or the spiders and snakes will kill you and you'll lose all your noted fish/lobsters. To avoid the spiders attacking I think you need to be combat level 29, atleast that's what they are at the Al Kharid mine.
So should i continue to note the lobsters there then until my inventory is filled? I'm not even sure what noting/banking means. Do i still have my 300 lobsters on my bot or are they not really there? Thanks in advance..

edit - Ok a little runescape wiki helped me with the note'ing/banking thing. I guess its simply so you can stack the items without having to go unload them.

So according to this method should we be taking all of our noted lobsters to the G.E. and setting a price to lets say 300gp per lobster from the bot account? Or are we to trade all of the noted lobsters to our mule account who will sell them in the G.E for us.

Thanks!.. again!

2nd edit - Alright, I think I might have solved the problem of dying as well. Under combat style's by default its set to auto-attack and then (slash/kick/slice) or w/e. I set auto-attack to off and style to BLOCK. This may help.
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I would think having the bot or the mule sell them is just a personal preference sorta thing.

As for the dying problem no the spiders and snakes will chase you to kill you sometimes. It's something that you may go a week without dying or may not go 2 hours, just depends on how busy the world is and luck. If your really in this for the long term I would take a day or 2 and train the bot and get the combat level up to where the spiders will leave you alone.
Okay... I have another question that is (hopefully) not common runescape knowledge. We use our botted accounts to get whatever the product may be (lobsters, wood etc) and either sell them at the GE or give them to our mule account to sell. Eventually we are going to come to the point where we want to sell all that gold for real cash. With trial memberships you can only transfer 25K worth of whatever to someone else. Do we need to get a proper membership for our mule account?

Kinda wondering about that because I wouldn't want to spend actual money on a membership only to have that account somehow get banned for goldfarming.


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I only played this game a few times out of curiosity, i remmeber when it just started, all the graphics were drawn pictures by the creator, and it was more of a text game. But now that i see a lot of people doing things to make money with it, makes me interested in playing it again to build up some characters, and possibly make some money along the way.
I was kinda going to put this method to the side for the moment. I've got a shitty computer and even with a cheap VPS that I rented it's hard to keep the bots running reliably enough to turn this into a business. Not to mention (as far as I know, I still want to do some research here) you have to skill up a few different areas in order to do the stuff that makes decent money as a free member.

Buuuut then... I won a free month of VPS service from another forum. Schweet. Not 100% sure if I should continue with the RS venture or use it for something else. I had considered opening up a browser window on the VPS and letting Vagex run constantly to build up credits.

Now I am going to have two VPS services (one expires in about two weeks) and I've got 8 botted accounts most of which have Chopping and Fishing in the 50/60 range and some other minor skills tossed about for randomness sake. And I've got one non botted account that I've done just about nothing with. They are all past their free membership trial and are free to play accounts now.



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I have friends who bot on runescape and we talked about the opportunity of selling things by creating websites for members .We came to the conclusion that there is a saturated market in botting and selling accounts and items because almost everybody does it. Im not saying it won't work just really hard to profit from.


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The epicbot dont work, i tried.
Really? Hmm I just saw this statement so logged into my EB and wow what do you know working without any problems. I think you need to learn what there support forum is for instead of spreading false rumors in this thread.
I've been using all tpyes of methods.. (Mining /Fishing etcc..)
The only huge problem I have is the max wealth trading limit... Any way to get the goods from one account to another?

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