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jaiko here looking for a sponsor, i do chat traffic. i have ready page for huge offices the only thing need is an API to merge mirror pages to sponsors database. i handle 25 office at the same time. each office has minimum of 40 active agents.. happy to work with interested sponsors. any interested may contact me, details are stated below.

no worries with fraud trouble sale, my office assigned highly trained team for monitoring, we also use some application to monitor every agent doings. we are assuring every touch to the keys are logged to our database server for review after shifting. also we do not entertain home working agent's. strictly office based agents only. the purpose was to monitor them most of the time. applicable for adult chat traffic only.
can't promise a thousand of traffic daily, because thousands of traffic daily is useless when those brings trouble at the end.
we mean good business.

interested sponsor may contact me here,

ICQ : 606603065
email : brandon198526 @gmail dot com
Hey, we take chat traffic (clean) for dating and cams :)

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Make Money Online
We accept Chat traffic weekly play we also have tools like SMS bot to help you

Trials go up to $40 per trial. Weekly Pay

skype dbcashmoney
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