Selling Guest Posts on DA50+ Authority Blogs


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Jun 7, 2018
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Are you fed up with guest bloggers providing enormous lists of poor sites?

We have access to a selection of DA 50+ Real Blog websites owned by niche bloggers, which have traffic and social media appearance (Twitter and Facebook followers) in General, Small business, Tech, Online marketing, Health and fitness, Website Development and News, Educational targeted topics.

We can provide a well-researched writing that relates to your industry niche with an inbound link back to your site and publish it on any of the blog from our inventory , where we get contact or we can easily look for new blogs that allow guest posts particularly for you in your specialized niche .

Send your requested topic including your webpage link for review and we will send you a package with our listing of present blogs.

Email us at [email protected]

Prices (Prices depend from blog popularity as well as other SEO parameters)

DA60+ - 175$ - 350$ per post
DA50+ - 155$ - 175$ per post
DA40+ - 125$ - 155$ per post
DA30+ - 65-85$ per post