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Sep 26, 2010
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Today i needed to do some youtube uploads and i found myself in need of a tool using which i could research best title and tags for my videos. i know there are some software specifically for video research but i was in bit of 'coding' mood rather then 'buying' mood. so coded a simple tool for myself.

Thought of sharing with you guys incase anyone need it.

Youtube Tag search tool
A tool to Research tags from youtube on any provided keyword, The tool look for 50 top videos and download their tags and then display the tags to you depending on the number of times a particular tag appeared in all the videos

As shown in the above screenshot . i looked up for the term 'gta v' i youtube and got list of top 50 videos. and then i scraped tags from those videos. then i counted how many times a particular tag appeared combined in all videos. and generated the result :
Awesome tags : that appeared more then thrice in total 50 videos
Descent tags : that appeared more then once in total 50 videos
rest tags : all the rest

Link: http://freakingminds.com/youtron/fetchtag.php

Youtube video search tool
A tool to List upto top 200 Videos from youtube on any provided keyword . Sorted by number of views

I created this tool so that i can get the ideas to make the titles of videos.

Link : http://freakingminds.com/youtron/search.php

NO need to register to website. i m not trying to sell anything.

Request: please dont abuse this tool by sending automated requests as i might have to put it offline