So easy you're mom could do it, so effective too


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I have previously shared this method but it is so simple and effective that it's worth sharing here too.

Anyone tells me IM is tough, this is what I show them:

One of the toughest things to master in internet marketing is exactly how you get in on products just before the demand for them explodes. Let me start by showing you a screenshot of Google Trends.

See that spike there in May? I was the only person promoting this product on that particular day, needless to say I cashed in big.

And another one...

There is roughly 40 in total. With each and every one I knew exactly when the demand would explode, I don't just mean to the day, I mean accuracy within 20 minutes. It is this laser-targeted accuracy that has helped me cash in hugely on product that are just about to get some large exposure.

This isn't about creating the exposure for yourself (ie article marketing or press releases) this is about knowing when this exposure is going to come, how to put yourself at the front of the line guiding all your clients to the product of choice, and how to be the only person advertising the product.

Wake up early in the morning and head off to the newsagents, purchase all the daily national newspapers (and a subscription to a scientific magazine).

Go make yourself a coffee and sit down reading all the papers. Look for new products on the market, when you see one see if they have an affiliate program, sign up to it, build yourself a small landing page (on a parasite host like wordpress if you have no money) and link into the product.

Get a PPC campaign up and running immediately using only the product name as the keyword and throw some money at it, at this stage the competition will be tiny, if not, non-existent.

Go out and enjoy the sun. Your job is done.

If you have experience, use all the darkhat SEO you know to get you onto the SERPS results as fast as possible. Get your site indexed immediately by submitting it to and, ping it with and you are set.

Case study:

Two weeks ago I saw this clipping in the most read daily newspaper in England (The Sun)

Willy big difference

A gadget that claims to lengthen a man's willy by a third has been backed by medics.
The extender - called Andro-Penis - uses a plastic ring, two rods and a silicon band.
Sixteen men with an average age of 47 wore the device for upto six hours a day for six months. Most of them had their private parts boosted by 32%
Now more trials will take place in Turin, Italy.
Study Leader Dr Paolo Gontero said: "The extender device produces an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and stretched state.
The perfect marketing product, there is bound to be a huge demand for it, plus it has the added benefit of the embarrassment factor, men don't want to buy something like this at their local store, online is discreet and that's a major factor.

A quick search on Google showed the producers to be Andromedical, and hey look! They have an affiliate program

Andromedical Affiliate Program for Webmasters

Before 8AM I had a landing page up and running (had to put in a call to the company to accept me onto the program quick) and my first sale came in at 09:15 for £150 ($217). 45% commission on this into my account.

Sales tailed off around 11AM before picking up again at around 6PM, it was constant for the next 4 hours and I netted around £1800 on day 1. By day two I had some competition on Adwords and the clicks were costing a little more, still netted over £1000. The sales tailed off as the competition became a bit more intense and I dropped the campaign after a week.

Ladies, are you kept awake by the fear that your boobs are sagging?That you'll wake up with a wrinkled chest?

If so, this new plastic cylinder claims to have the answer. We kid you not.

Simply slip the Kusk in your cleavage before you nod off and - hey presto (or should that be breasto?) - you wake up with untarnished boobs.

Or so the makers claim.

The American gadget, which comes in three handy sizes and seven colours, sells for between £29.99 and £39.99. It is aimed at women with C-cup or larger, nursing mothers and those with implants.

Inventor Cathinka Chandler said "As women age, wrinkles and folds can form between the breasts. Because I sleep on my side, I learned that gravity and the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other was the culprit."

"Kush offers more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep"

The Kush is about to be launched in Britain by Joanne Daborst from Lincolshire. She said "I wish it had been available when I was pregnant as the answer for those uncomfortable nights, when a good sleep is so desperately needed"
Now this product is fairly widespread in the states but in the UK it's new. And I was the only one monetizing it on day one.

Ok let's say for example your product doesn't have an affiliate program, find another two similar products that do and sign up. Make a review page comparing the results:

Product 1 - Ace! Very impressive results
Product 2 – Not bad, a fairly good alternative, but lacking in some areas
Product 3 (the one with no affiliate product) – It's crap, doesn't work and hard to use.

Further tips-

The newspaper you find the article in will generally influence the type of site you build. Say for example. In the UK we have two main types of newspaper, the “broadsheet” and the “tabloid”. Broadsheets are usually aimed at the higher class, city gent, whereas the tabloid is aimed at the lower class manual worker. The broadsheet focuses on world news, business and politics, while the tabloid focuses on sport and women. If you have never been to the UK then if you turn to page 3 of your usual tabloid newspaper, you will find a picture of a topless woman. The biggest selling tabloid “The Sun” has a website dedicated to page 3 here (don't worry, the homepage is clean and child-safe).

This should give you an idea of what the difference between broadsheets and tabloids is. Once you know the difference, you will know how to market to the traffic. Say the article was in a tabloid, then hype marketing would be best as generally speaking, these reader are more influenced by hype. If it's a broadsheet reader then a more measure and factual, almost scientific approach works the best.

Have some templates ready and as soon as you see an article, whip up your template and alter the important bits.

It's a simple game really marketing.


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Very impressive :) You explained the whole method, very detailed in the purpose for each step. Bravo.. might give this a try ;)


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No worries! People usually overthink marketing, sometimes the most simplest of concepts are best (depending on circumstance)


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great idea. will definitely give this a try. i wonder if this same concept will work by monitoring google trends.


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great idea. will definitely give this a try. i wonder if this same concept will work by monitoring google trends.
It does work with google trends but there are a lot of marketers using trends where as the newspaper idea is so simple i bet a lot of marketers (me included) have never thought of it :stupid:


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Fabulous post, I never would have thought of the newspaper angle. I agree totally that we tend to over think marketing.


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I am not getting it, why would people go to your website if they see a ad in the news paper?
good point. the OP is probably leaving out the part about sending PPC/PPV traffic to it. or maybe he's commenting under the articles and leaving links to his LP?

just because you bother to build a LP doesn't mean anyone's going to see it.


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good point. the OP is probably leaving out the part about sending PPC/PPV traffic to it. or maybe he's commenting under the articles and leaving links to his LP?

just because you bother to build a LP doesn't mean anyone's going to see it.
No he specifically mentions using PPC traffic in the post. The idea is that there will be no competition whatsoever because the products have just launched with a new advertising campaign in the newspaper and so people will be searching for them starting from that day only.


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I don't know if my mom could really do this as she is not very computer savvy, but I know I could give it a try maybe later in my IMing career. Thanks!


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Sorry for my english. I'm from Poland.
This is some great stuff. I just did it today with some diet plan relised in tv and I checked are there any articles in the newspapers. There was in every magazine about this diet so I setup nice squeeze page with optin and I didn't send them to check email but I sended them straight to my affiliate offer. (the email is already in their inbox and I bulid a list for weight loss ) I bookmarked this squeez page like son of a b.. gun and I was the only marketer promoting this product on first page. :) Anyway I did that around 10 A.M after I check the tv and newspaper. Later at 11 P.M I check my commision and I shited my pants. $3348 for $24 product That like 124 leads :D This is F.. AWESOME.
Thanks OP I will kiss your feet for this xD