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I see a lot of people wanting to post journals on MMD with your individual goals and also to be able to look back on the goals you have set. If its something your working towards or you want to check your progress on a method your trying out. Then I have setup this section for you to go back and forth from to watch your rewards from hard work.

This will also allow other members to watch and either help or learn from your experience.

This is the best way for your success! Write it down and live by it.



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very nice, I am tempted to do a journal for a new campaign Im about to start running. My only worry is my PM inbox will explode. Ha.

I think Ill do one with a disclaimer that I wont respond to PMs about what my exact method or offer is.


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"This is the best way for your success! Write it down and live by it."

This is true. I have my own journal written, maybe I'll start sharing them online too!


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I'm so glad this thread exists. It's tough being motivated to do something positive every day. I'm going to start my journal immediately. Hope you all find it useful.