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As you may or may not have seen, I have been running a successful online/offline business. I recently branched out into online reputation management. I have put together an ORM system which brings me anywhere from $300-$1200/month per client. Sometimes they pay upfront for 6 month/1 year contracts which is sweeeet. The ongoing costs to me of each client are.....about $5/month.

I've pretty much configured it enough to be a case of upload, make a couple of minor edits, leave it to run. The upkeep is about 10 mins/week per client.

The reason I say all this isn't to brag. One Sunday night I had a sudden brainwave. I'm not sure where it came from but it sure was good. Anyway, 6am the next morning I got up, grabbed a coffee and got to work. I worked solidly for hours at a time and finally finished the system. I wasn't sure how successful it would be. I put together my sales letters and blasted them out. The next part is boring but it resulted in a number of clients who pay me to do pretty much nothing now. Set and forget ;)

The point of the story? How many of you have had what you think is a great idea? Probably a large majority. How many of you acted on that? Probably a small minority. I see people finding methods and pretty much wanting someone to do all the work for them instead of doing it themselves. I see ridiculous questions that could be answered by the person themselves if they just TOOK ACTION. Stop trying to find the next best thing and work on that 1 brainwave. If after immense effort it fails, consider the next option. I had a number of services to offer clients when I started (still do obviously!). Did I start by sending out 5 letters for 1 service, then deciding to try marketing another service or finding a new service to promote? NO. Did I send out as many targeted letters as I could, work and re-work my sales letter until people started biting? Damn right I did.

In summary - if you have an idea ACT ON IT RIGHT AWAY, DON'T SEARCH FOR THE NEXT BIG THING.

Hopefully this inspires even 1 person to work on a great idea they've had instead of expecting theory-based WSOs to be the key to a six figure income.

As ever, my email address is below if you have any questions. I've been a little backlogged due to being busy but I will get round to responding within 24 hours so apologies for that.



Make Money Online
It seems many people didn't take the main theme of this thread which is TAKE ACTION ON IDEAS, DON'T LET THEM COLLECT DUST!

I've had quite a few questions regarding whether I can hook them up with the ORM system. Because it's my personal creation, I can't simply pass it on as I don't want others using the exact same looking one. HOWEVER....

Because it's xmas and I fancy a change I'll create you your very own ORM system and teach you to market it successfully to get you set up and earning a virtually automated income. Once you have your clients you actually have to do nothing. You can charge whatever you want. If you're only looking for a few hundred a month you could get that with 1-2 clients.

Each ORM system will probably take me a 12-24 total hours in theory. I may be able to do it in less but there's a lot of work and a bit of artwork too.

Due to it taking up a massive chunk of time I can only offer this to about 2 people (I'll maybe have more time to do more depending on how long the first 2 take me) for the cost of $347 including how to get and maintain clients. You'll make this back with just 1 sale. If you work hard you can get quite a few clients and make a full time income with zero work after the initial setup.

Don't PM because it seems to not always work. Instead email:

Apologies but please no emails asking if I can make it and get paid after you start earning. I'm selling this as a product of my own creation and I'm not prepared to do work and potentially get ripped off by being ignored once the first client is acquired.

I sent you an email to the above address but i am going to post a questions here too.

Does your program work in places like Canada? I ask this because the whole review thing is not quite what it is in the US yet. I think its on its way but our population isn't what the US is either. If I search for "chiropractor halifax" (where I live) it brings up google places but the reviews are few and far between. There is a for Canadian reviews and a couple other places but again, nothing like the volume in the US.

You are in the UK right? so obviously your system works well there. any suggestions for lower volume areas? I have no problems marketing to the US and will probably end up doing that but was just wondering your thoughts on this........


Make Money Online
Thank you for sharing your success with online reputation management. I didn't it could take so little time to keep running once you had the system in place.