The difference between PPS and Rev share


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May 23, 2010
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Ok I have only been here a few days but have noticed a lot of the people here do not know the difference between Rev share and PPS. So I will try and give you a quick summary.

I will start with PPS, PPS stands for Pay Per Signup which means when you send a sale you receive a one off payment of the said PPS normally around $20-$30 mark.

Now for Rev share which is a little harder to explain Ok Rev share means a Revenue share between you and the program offering it. So you send a sale and you get a % of the sale normally around the 50% mark. This is a % of the Revenue for the affiliate for A set amount of time some programs set it at a 3 month Rev share (just so you know the program i represent is a lifetime rev share) So each time the surfer rebills on the site the Affiliate gets a % of the profit this can work and make the affiliate a hell of alot more if the program they are promoting is a good program and you think that the surfer will want to rebill each month.

So to summarise for you breifely a PPS is a one off payment and Rev share is a % of all profit generated from the surfer?

Hope this helps some people understand the difference and if there is anythng you would like to ask please feel free to contact me