Things You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

We are all idiots when it comes to home security! Will buy some crap security system and think we are safe. But that's not true. I mean, some cameras, motion sensors and a smart lock will only protect us from burglars.

Yesterday two people in the neighbourhood died of carbon monoxide poisoning. And many people die every year in Toronto from home fires. So my point is we need to invest in things like CO sensors, fire and smoke detectors etc.

I'm going to install CO sensors, smoke detectors and flood detectors in my house. Called an alarm and security system company in Toronto today and they said that these sensors can be installed without changing the existing security system. So, my friends, I would suggest you do the same. Make your home a better, safe place.


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I agree with you. I think that all these systems should be always installed the first of all before moving to the new house, especially considering how many accidents can happen without them.