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Twenty Tips To Keep Your BANS Store Out Of The Google Crapbox

BANS sites require traffic to function properly and produce an income. One of the most sustaining sources of traffic is search engine traffic. Without constant traffic from the search engines, your BANS site will likely fail. The biggest source of search engine traffic is obviously Google. A few years back, Google came up with an algorithm that essentially quarantined a Web site. Meaning separated it from the rest of the sites in a search result. This became known as the Google Crapbox.

What exactly is the Google Crapbox? The Google Crapbox is where sites go for a period of time because Google doesn’t trust them yet. Google wants to make sure these sites are not spam, so they throw it in an area of their search engine that doesn’t respond to search queries. You are in the index, but your site is hidden from the search results so it looks like you are not there.
To see if you are in the crapbox try this in a Google search:
If nothing shows up and you were in the index before, congrats you have now been dumped in the crapbox! If this applies to you, check back soon. I’m writing an article on what games to play while you are in the Google Crapbox. It’s going to be funny, but productive. However this article is tips to help stay out of the crapbox.

Here’s the tips.
  1. Start out with a blog. Install Wordpress in the root of your site.
  2. Create blog entries for one month. One article per day. No reference to BANS.
  3. On day 30, create your BANS store on a subdirectory on your site.
  4. DeBANSify your site. Remove all reference to BANS and eBay other than the links to the auctions.
  5. First thing, post a privacy policy.
  6. Carry your wordpress template through to your BANS site.
  7. Write 400+ words of unique content on your BANS store homepage.
  8. Keep the number of auctions you display to a minimum, no more than 12.
  9. Each store/content page needs to have at least 400 words of unique content.
  10. Do not activate a store page unless it has at least 400 words of unique content.
  11. Keep store pages deactivated until you can add content to them.
  12. Change “Time Left†to “Sale Ends Inâ€.
  13. Change “Site Navigation†to “Learn More About XYZ Instert Your Topicâ€.
  14. Change “Store Navigation†to “XYZ Storeâ€.
  15. Change “Sponsored Links†to “XYZ Linksâ€.
  17. Do not use Google Analytics.
  18. Do not submit your site to every directory and social platform in the same day. Space it out over time.
  19. Add a valid robots.txt file.
  20. Change your sitemap priorities. Search the BANS forum for the code and copy & past to your site. It’s a 30 second fix.
And there you go. Twenty steps to follow to stay out of the Google Crapbox. Also, these concepts can be applied to those sites that are in the crapbox in an effort to dig your way out.

A few other things I have found that work is if you do use adsense on your site or want the most expensive products to show just do a search in ebay for your idea. Then go from $1,000 or more, find out what the key words are use that in your main page. Then your products will be super expensive triggering expensive ads.

I heard also adding a paypal affiliate logo on the main page is good too!

Ok well hope you found this useful guys....