Totally Google #1 Dumb Struck


Crap like this annoys the SEO out of me.

I came up on a niche a while ago...October 2011
Registered the .com .info and all the rest.

There are variations of this keyword.

Now after months of working on the site, ranking #5 and up. Was at number one for a week. There is a new player on a similar keyword. The stuff that annoys me he / she has NO back links. NO proper content. The domain was registered end of January. He / She doesn't Blog, no articles. The home page is BLANK. Sh1tty look.

There is nothing on there that any beginner SEO / Advanced SEO or Googles Webmaster Guidelines recommend.

How the feck does this happen? - I can only assume its from a really good user experience...the site does load fast.

Maybe some experts can say how.

Here is What I have found

NS is from wordpress - so it looks like a wordpress hosted site
No Ads - just gathering email addresses
Little to no social footprint

Ok my crap is done now.
Google hired about 6000 programmers in the fall of 2011. They grew a brain quick.
Thew were smart to begin with, but they really changed their entire algorithm structure as a result of that hiring binge.