Trending dropshipping products in 2019


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Dec 3, 2014
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Hi there :) We’ve compiled 19 hotly trending products to feature in your dropshipping stores in 2019. Here we go!

:cool: Tech sphere:
1. Smart home devices (include indoor and outdoor cameras, thermostats, smart lighting, network-ready smart locks, garage door openers, and smart hubs to tie all the devices together).
2. Smartwatches
3. Mobile device accessories (include Cases, styluses, chargers, external camera lenses, bluetooth headphones, and stands).
4. Bluetooth and WiFi speakers

:cool: Clothes:
1. Athleisure (include active wear worn outside of the gym: leggings, sports tops and athletic shoes).
2. Shapewear (class of women’s undergarments designed to provide a slimmer figure)
3. Maternity wear
4. Heated vests

:cool: Some other products:
1. Detox products
2. Beard oil
3. Velvet accessories (include scrunchies, earrings, necklaces, sweaters, and purses)

Use these to help drive revenues and bring in more customers. Placed well and promoted properly the products on this list can do wonders for your dropshipping business in 2019.

;) Find more information about these items and more trends in the article: 19 trending products to dropship in 2019 on Blog.
Thanks for attention!