UpSights, an APP for website server monitoring.

Sep 27, 2017
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♀Knowing more about your visitors can definitely help you with your business ‍ ‍! Want to learn more about your visitors on your website? Here our team present you the most useful APP- #UpSights - to help you with all the information you need for your website!
Our report is easy to understand! It includes:
1️⃣️Page Views
You can know which page or product on your website is the most popular one so that you can have good handle on the future trends!
2️⃣️Bounce rate ‍♂♀
Is your website well-structured? Bounce rate can tell whether your website is well designed or not.
3️⃣️Avg. Session Duration ⏳
Avg. Session Duration can show you how your visitor love to stay on your website browsing!
4️⃣️Visitors Source
You can know where your visitors are from and which social media plays a big role on it.
5️⃣️Visitors' Nationality
Visitor's nationality can help you to understand where your potential clients could be.
6️⃣️Rush hour of websites ⏰ ⌚
Knowing your websites' rush hour can help you understand when is the best time to promote your products or ads!
#UpSights, an APP not only assist you to monitor your websites but also help you to know your website better! Download it for FREE now!
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