Vip Testimonial - Easy Money To Be Made.

I'll just be giving out a quick testimonial. So recently I just became a member of moneymakerdiscussion around last June to hang around just to read the forums for some time and I've been seeing a lot of hype of how moneymakerdiscussion VIP can make you a lot of money. So because of that it got me curious and I decided to join VIP to see if all the hype was true or not and I'm quite please with the result. I've learn a lot. Just yesterday I decided to test out a strategy and it ended up making me 271 dollars in profit. So I spent I think 49 dollar and earn 271. I think that was the best investment I had ever made. It was only a test though so I wasn't really trying as hard. So If I can make 271 dollars in 1 day (24 hours) without trying. How much do you think I'd make if I tried? Probably a lot more. Now I'm going to try hard from now on and I have thought a lot of new ideas of how I can increase my profit.

I have to admit though, it was Smeltzer wisdom that helped me made this much. If Smeltzer wasn't apart of this forum then I honestly don't think I would of made anything from VIP. This guy is really awesome and thanks to him I will probably make thousands a day within a few months. I have great plans for myself now. I also want to say everyone else is friendly and nice in vip, but the only gold I saw in there was Smeltzer's wisdom.

Here is a picture for proof; now I know picture can easily be faked, so if anyone wants I can video it to show as proof. Just let me know in this topic and remember I made this money from not really trying so hard at all. It was a test to see what results I would get.


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Does this come from the webinars Smeltzer is teaching? He is doing such a great job molding new guys and aged veterans into earning money.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.



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Hey thanks man. You rock and I know what you are doing you stepped outside the box and I must say congrats. You have earned every penny and more. You will do very well in this field I have nothing but faith in you. Keep up the good work man.


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this has made my mind up im going get vip soon xD just got married n still trying recover from the bills lol


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Ahh reading this i want to join VIP, but i need to earn little more :D i have 200 ebooks from this forum, but if i would join VIP i think i would have even more :D
How come you are not VIP anymore?
I'm with you on this d3lux3. If I join the VIP section here and it helped me earn money I'd NEVER leave. Partly to help others and partly to do my part to support MMD. Not to mention continue learning more methods to create income online. Myself, never made a dime online. Not a penny. lol Bought ebooks, tried methods found here and in other forums. Usually these methods are saturated or extremely out of date. I've bought tons of ebooks from at the warrior fourms.....nothing worked. Now granted, the reason may have been I was left out there on my own and didn't have any help past what was in the tutorials. I've been looking through these forums for a few weeks now and toyed with the idea of joining the VIP section, but when I read testimonials about it and then the thread starter isn't a VIP's a little discouraging to be honest. If I join the VIP section at MMD in the future and earn a solid income online based on what I've learned and/or what I've been taught by the money earners there I'll be a lifetime member. lol