WARNING: Chaturbate/xProfiles are run buy SCAMMERS

I'm a very easy going affiliate in I.M. and I've never made a thread like this. I actually barely make threads at all....I mostly just read. But I'm forced to go public about what a SCAM Chaturbate/xProfiles owned by ZMedia is. I recently earned a commission last pay period of over $1400.00 and they didn't pay and never gave a reason. I contacted support numerous times with no response. Then I finally got a response from their little minion, C.O.O. Shirley Lara aka "punkerbarbie" and she said she would check with accounting then get back to me. Never heard back from her. I've had to chase these crooks down in the past to get my commissions but this is the final straw. I've also found other affiliates and even models from their cam site "Chaturbate" that they've outright scammed. They already have a reputation for being scammers and I should have pulled out earlier. They're ran by CEO Jason Zimmerman who turns out is a NOTORIOUS scammer in the adult/cams industry. Since being stiffed on my commissions I've researched and found all their staff and company profiles/history and I see what a bunch of crooks they are. So I'm letting you guys here on MMD who have adult traffic do NOT send your traffic to Chaturbate, xProfiles (nothing but a bunch of fake bot profiles anyways) or anything from ZMedia. They've scammed so many people that the contact form on their site ZMedianow.com, the submit button has been greyed out. This should let you know what kind of operation they're running. We'll be burying their crooked company in negative SEO to make sure other people don't get scammed.