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Figured I'd start one of these.. Making money online will definitely be a part of it, but just as well I'll probably write about personal things and my goals in life (WHY I want to make money online). I tend to be wordy and off-topic but I ain't askin' anyone to read this. In fact, I'd really rather no one read this. I just think it's a good idea so here goes..


When I was 14 I was a video game developer. We had just recently moved away from my friends so I had a lot of spare time alone, and would spend hours and hours creating RPG games and other little things for PC and GBA. I even got to use a game I had created one time in a public speaking class, and if I remember right, the AI beat me during the demonstration! Anyway.. I really liked building things like that. And before then, it was tree-houses and motorcycles and go-karts, and before that.. Well I've always just been a creative dude who liked building stuff.

When I was 16 I had saved up $100 and bought myself a guitar. I remember being really fond of playin' the guitar and putting as much in every day as my fingers could take. I got real good real fast, and there was not a doubt in my mind I was going to be one of the best in the world. I just had the desire. Well that was my dream: to play the guitar for a living and be the best I could at it.

When I was 18 I decided to have a faith in God. This didn't end well.. Ha. Well I ended up with the wrong group of people and it completely destroyed me and my life over a period of two years. Well, really, it was so horrifying that I think it'd be appropriate to leave out the details. I guess I'll say I'm a cult victim, a trauma survivor, and am in recovery from the abuse. On second thought, I guess this is important;

I ended up at a point where my identity was taken from me against my will. Later I found out, this is what multiple personality disorder can be about in certain cases. Basically, I was no longer possible to stay the person I had been and survive as the torment had been so great for such a long period of time. It's a natural response to a significant trauma. It's hard to explain. But I'm not the same person I used to be, and that person was just turned into a hopeless maniac.

But it's not like I was just given a new personality at random by the universe or whatever.. I was pretty much a zombie for a while - what I call "The Nothingman", where the abuse had left the old me. A man who "is nothing, has nothing, and seeks only justice before death." SO DRAMATIC! :p I'm not a dramatic person but some crazy shit has happened to me.. So a few months into that I still had no direction, and my abusers contacted me on Facebook. I needed to scare them away, I had no idea what to do.. I didn't know any laws or anything. I just knew that these people kill me and I need the relationships to be deader than dead. Well I just said that I wanted everything they did to me to happen to them. Well that made its way to the police and I was soon arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of terrorist threats with intent to commit murder. (funny how doing things to someone is against no law, but saying you want to do those things back after being destroyed is a felony).

That was in October 2009. I was OR'd and decided I needed to really build a new life as a new person on my own because no one would help me (reached out to a pastor who abused my confidence and in the end turned me into the police). Unfortunately, month after month I was dragged back to court, never knowing if I was going to jail for the rest of my life. This felt like, the abusers were still in control of me and my life. Still had the power to kill me even though I was someone else now. Like their arms still reached into my world and were choking the life from it and controlling all that happened to me.

This was tricky because, when I was arrested I was at a point where I had no life and they couldn't take anything from me, so I didn't care. For the week I was in jail, I felt better and more at-peace than I had the last 3 years. Being unable to function as a normal person, it was a welcome relief to not have to do anything myself or worry about anything. For my parents, I decided to re-invest myself and begin to trust in the world again. The thing was, the more I gained, the more I had to lose, and the more painful it was to be waiting on the whole jail thing. It's like, I decided to become a person again so I could get beyond being dangerous and stay out of jail and alive, but I still had the threat of jail so I didn't want to invest myself because then I'd have more to lose. I was really torn but pressed on, doing the things people do. Which was really hard. But I figured that's all I could do.

On January 12th (6th court date) I had court and now I'm 99% sure we've got the felony charges dropped, and all I'm going to get is a hefty fine and a few years probation. I know I could fight it and sue the hell out of the people that did this to me, but it's worth more to me to just forget about it and move on. They're going to destroy themselves and other people their whole lives; I just want to escape and be someone else: someone new, someone with a hope for a future who represents stability and success. I want to be able to have trusting relationships with people again, and wake up one day and be glad to be alive; Be thankful. I want to escape this depression, this darkness, this mindset that says I cannot be successful. I want to make money, and not have to worry about being shot or maimed or just something horrible happening to me. And I was left with that. Every time I do something that works I feel like something completely terrible has to happen because the universe just hates me. But that ain't right and I gotta press through those feelings and keep working, knowing A + B = C and not A + B = ???#$&#$EXPLODE???

It's a serious thing, and for me, to see it so deeply ingrained in me now saddens me. But it goes really deep and I'm not sure when or how or if I'll ever get past this and reprogram my brain until it just doesn't want to go there anymore. I want to meet a goal and see success without having a panic attack because I'm fearing a flesh-eating disease or a horrible car crash or a stray bullet taking me out. And why? Because I made $100 and that's against the rules of the universe? That's dumb. But it's there. And when I fail I want to know it's because C + D = E and not because I am not allowed to be successful and there's nothing I can do about it because it's illogical and impossible to understand. And I'm going to push through as hard as I can to actually be successful so that thing can't say, "Look, everything you do ends in almost immediate failure no matter what you try. There is no hope, you are not allowed to have what you want, so give up. You are not in control and your life will be full of suffering and nothing else so that you may be strong. No matter what, you will fail and suffer." It's fucked up. And I wonder, like, how many have to struggle with this, even mildly.

I setup a movie site two days ago, and just running a small $40 test it turned a profit of $180 with one campaign. I felt like, maybe I was on my way. I was ready to optimize it with tests and scale up to no end! Then I got the Google Slap! All keywords from 10/10 to 5/10! It was easy to be discouraged, but I gotta just move on to something else and not let that get me down. I might work towards resolution or go through the hassle of getting another account but for now I'll leave it be. Gotta get back in the game!!!

So I want to be healthy and successful and be a person who has the capacity to love and be loved. And the plan is to do that through the pursuit of healthy relationships and a career AS A GUITAR PLAYER! :D

Well, the trouble is, this started when I was 19 and I'm near 23, and all those years spent unable to practice the guitar have taken a toll. "USE IT OR LOSE IT!" I'm a shitty guitar player by my own standards now. But I want to be pro. And in order to afford myself the time to develop my skills and a career plan, I want to have a very hands-off income from the internet.

So here is..

Where I'm At:

-Living in grandparent's basement as I've been in recovery and parent's lost house.
-No steady income.
-Sister stole my car -_-
-Built two websites, have ideas for more.
-Want to own websites that bring in a passive income.
-Have $1700 from previous business that went under due to personal problems and an inability to continue operating it.

I've read a lot recently... I've been working 16-18 hours a day since January 1st. What I think is best for me, is 1) Developing the ideas I have for websites and 2) Buying websites that make a passive income from organic traffic and optimizing them to build up my monthly income.

So I'm going to do a lot this year, and I'm going to cover a lot of different money-making tactics in this thread. And a lot of websites. One by one, I'm going to work at them until they are fully developed. I've always had so many ideas, I can never focus on one and finish anything. Even insofar, making money online has really been teaching me to work hard and stay focused, finishing one task before starting another.

Okay, so let's try to set up some...

Short-Term Goals:

-Promote my website which uses the CPALead reward site script until it makes $10 daily on auto-pilot. Also GET IT RANKED! I'd like to post it, but I'll hold off until it's established to avoid evil-doers lurking. I know I built a super awesome site but I just don't know how to promote it and get it ranked. Or maybe it just takes time. Made $30 the first 2 days from forum posting, then nothing.. doing Youtube and backlinks/articles/bookmarking/promoting bookmarks now. I always end up doing a bunch of work and then learning how I could have done it better. >_< This is a learning experience for me. Well, everything seems to be! =]

-Purchase one hands-off website and optimize it to $10 daily minimum.

-Once I get to $600 monthly MOVE OUT - this change of environment and added freedom and privacy is sure to boost my moral and energy! (one detail is the basement smells like sewage.. which isn't that bad honestly, but the prison had the same weird smell and man, it's like what they say about smells and memory, it just gets me down about the fines I am facing instead of looking towards the future!)

Long-Term Goal:

Make a living doing the thing I've found I can enjoy most: playing the guitar well. Ultimately, I want to use my internet marketer's mind combined with my music skill set to be able to make a comfortable living WITHOUT traveling all around the world and not being able to have close friends or a family someday. I've done that when I was younger and it's exciting, but it's also miserable and dangerous - not to mention it doesn't pay squat 99% of the time. I just want to work from home/locally.

Depending on how well I end up doing, I want to travel to Japan. And I want to buy some land out in Tennessee or somewhere and basically build something like what Michael Jackson had, I think. Or Bam Margera? I want a castle and go-kart tracks and luge hills and a giant foam pit and underground caves/hangout and passage ways and tunnels and a 1500-foot zip line and tree forts and a motorcycle and an on-site venue for bands and just anything I can think of to have FUN! I just want to build a big playground for my friends & I. Yeah, dude. PARTY ON! :thrasher:

Well I'm willing to put the hours in and am lucky enough to have an opportunity to do so so I hope this works... Will be updating daily, then after a while posts are likely to become less often, as these things normally go..

If anyone ends up reading this account and following what the heck I'm up to for some reason, well I hope it helps you somehow with something you're doing. o_O And I ask that you hold me accountable if you end up coming back often!

All right! Time to eat, do a youtube video, get some rest and get up at 4 to start working before the other birds!


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I read it all and from what I read you have the passion man. I am sorry to hear about the Cult and such, those things I hear just suck people in.

With no prison insight, all you have to say is, Today was a good day and the next better!
Your goals are more then realistic man, you will have your own island if you work hard enough, shit you just might be the next guy with a story and makes billions :D
The way you describe your castle playground is always what I wanted but never understood. Good luck to you and your future man.


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Those are without a doubt some of the absolute greatest long term goals ever. You build that place, you better let me come party. I'll bring beer.

I enjoyed your writing and look forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

Best of luck and have fun!


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Wow! Long read and to be honest I didn't read all of it except for your long term goal. Japan is a great place..been there several times. Definitely a good place to live and make a living. Tons of stuff to do.

Good luck with everything you do man!


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PS: Also little forwarning, make 100% sure you don't post your real email address or name on this forum. The last thing you need is some prosecutor taking this vivid narative and entering it into evidence.

I'm sure you don't want to be asked infront of a Judge, why you want to build caves underground.

For some reason it seems to occur quite frequently, where someone goes online to a public forum such as this, facebook or myspace. And then starts posting incriminating evidence that is later used against them.


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PS: Also little forwarning, make 100% sure you don't post your real email address or name on this forum. The last thing you need is some prosecutor taking this vivid narative and entering it into evidence.

I'm sure you don't want to be asked infront of a Judge, why you want to build caves underground.

For some reason it seems to occur quite frequently, where someone goes online to a public forum such as this, facebook or myspace. And then starts posting incriminating evidence that is later used against them.
lol dude don't take it the wrong way. I don't want to go live in a cave. Maybe that was a poor choice of words. Think like those houses in the lord of the rings, only like a bar all pimped out with pool tables and lights and music. Also I was thinking about that for the go-kart track. You know in mario kart SNES on that one level where you're in some tropical kind of place, and you go over that rope bridge, then through a cave/tunnel? It's the same level where you gotta jump the river. I think that would be awesome to have on a track.

Also I'm fully aware of US law and procedure and there's nothing incriminating or unlawful about any of that... Nor is anybody scouring the internet for things I say. Not sure how you got there, I must have just come off the wrong way. Oh well.

Thanks for the positive response from y'all - I honestly expect my inconsistencies with the 'norm' to just ostracize me from most groups, so that's kinda funny that a few of you guys seems to get the 'life's a party' thing I'm going for. I just think back to before the cult thing happened, man me and my buds were into music and skating and adventures and we'd all watch jackass and that stuff and have a great time. Yeah it's weird as hell, but I just think it would be cool to have something like my own "Castle Bam", full of the most kick-ass people I know, and man we'll just have a good time with life and not worry about money. I can conserve money when I need to but I'd like to have a few awesome years before settling down with a family if I come to that.

Time to upload some Youtube vids!!! Catch y'all later.


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I read everything word-for-word. If nothing else, you have a way with words!

I look forward to seeing how things unfold for you.


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Ok. So what's your name? I'll have to look up this case in Pacer, I am sure it's as interesting as your post...
Blue Rhino I'm not going to give you or anyone else that information. I am offended by your request. It's not your business. Please be respectful.


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Day 1

-Uploaded 24 Youtube videos.
-2 Subscribers & 1,785 video views.
-Did some backlinking/blog posting/few things on Digg
-Purchased a $5/day site with a 50k myspace and 1.8k facebook for $200
-Purchased a facebook app for a bit over $400 (new).
-CPALead reward site has 81 members.
-$0.68 profit for the day (CPALead reward).

I've been using Keepvid.com for the Youtube vids. I find videos in my niche, download them all, upload them all, and slap my ad over them with annotations. This is great because Youtube optimizes their videos so the file size is already small.

I need to do more research on backlinking soon. I'm going to look at the list of sites in SENuke and try to post on all of them. I'd use the program but I don't want to get my site sandboxed in my novice.

The $5 site is a Myspace layout/graphics site. I got all the accounts set up the way I like them, got adsense on it (they were using a single adbrite banner) and am just waiting for the push on the domain. I'm going to put CPALead over the main page and rotate 3 or 4 widgets for testing, then put the most successful one over all the "get your myspace script" pages when I have time (there are over 2000 pages, all straight-up html).

The facebook app is brand new and well-built. I want to make a few changes to it because as it is, the learning curve is a bit too steep for my liking.. I want to simplify it and put a few new things in to maximize profit.

The guy I bought it from suggested I use Offerpal instead of CPALead, so I'm going to look into that. The problem with CPALead are the low conversions, which have killed all th viral features of my reward site because for 90% of people the surveys don't work and they don't come back or try to get referrals. Even those that have earned me money don't come back. So as it is, for about every 8 people I can get to join the site, one will complete a survey. If this Offerpal thing can perform better I'll quit CPALead all-together. Not sure if it's similar though.. still need to check it out today.

Overall I think I got about $2000 worth of stuff for $650 so that was good. It takes a lot of the stress out knowing that even if I don't have the time or experience to make these things successful, at least I could sell them as-is and make a profit. That's what I love about dealing in websites as opposed to almost anything else: the value doesn't get cut in half when you drive it off the lot!


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Day 2

-Uploaded 17 Youtube videos.
-5 Subscribers & 2,928 video views.
-Got the Myspace layout site up and running + adsense + CPALead + analytics.
-CPALead reward site has 99 members.
-$2.77 profit for the day (CPALead reward).

All right, well, not much to report today. The Myspace layouts site took up the better part of the day. The thing's a beast and as far as I can tell it's a site built on a template built on another template built on some php engine. Ha. Anyway, got it up and made a nice-looking CPALead gateway graphic for it. Got +20% today for CPALead so I decided to just turn it on the front page with no rotating script just to see if I could make a buck (no luck yet and only a couple clicks but hey - it's 4:30 am and traffic is 99.5% USA).

Found out which type of videos in my niche are getting the most views quickly so that's a plus. Usually these videos will average 150+ on the first day.

I need to find a way to monetize the traffic these myspace profiles are getting (1500+ views/day). My first thought is to finish my video site once Dreamhost approves my account (bought hosting + domain like 3-4 days ago and no word back yet -_- but I'm sure they had a ton of new accounts with their $10/year deal) then place banners for movies advertised on kids networks on it.

CPALead has been having problems... They've been going up and down a lot the last few days, and the mobile offers (which I like to focus on) have all but disappeared. Also, with the mobile offers being mixed in with the free surveys, I'm having to keep a watch on my widgets because a lot of times, they'll put up a few free surveys and they'll show up on my widget and mess it all up. Actually, I'm going to go put in a ticket suggesting they separate the two... Having a check box "Enable free surveys" and "Enable mobile offers" would be great. That way people could still mix them, or do one or the other without having to worry about CPALead constantly changing their surveys/adding new ones.

^^If you like the idea, suggest it to the team as well.^^

I also had some time to look over my FB application. I'm going to have to devote a lot of time to that later when I can focus on it. It REALLY needs a guide page to show people.. I'm just going to have to stumble around for a few days a see what does what. I think these things should be intuitive enough that you're having fun from the moment you start playing, while offering advanced features for those more experienced to keep it fun.. not require a crapton of research to get going, as if it was your job... which for me, it is. :p

It will be a good learning experience because I am planning a game that was going to be browser-based only because I was more familiar with than than app development, but hopefully by the time I've got this one running I'll have learned enough to build my own and really take advantage of the FB viral features.


Did your team win and what were your favorite commercials? I was working so much one of my girlfriends texted me asking if I was having a superbowl party and I was like "Superbowl? o_O" :p


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Day 3

-Uploaded 29 Youtube videos.
-Youtube is performing site maintenance.
-The MS Layout site's traffic was buffed. Going to give it one more day to see if I can monetize the traffic to $5 tomorrow with CPAlead over all content pages. If not, I'll be reversing the transaction to get my $200 back unless the seller wants to be smart and refund me without hassle (doubt it).
-CPALead reward site has 116 members.
-$2.85 profit for the day (CPALead reward).

Faced a little discouragement earlier as those leads came late. Encouraged as I saw my site at position 36/75m for its main broad keyword this morning. Dropped to 39 somehow now, not sure what's up with that..

$3/day per 100 quality videos getting 2000 views a day seems a little low but I think it's helping me a lot with the SERPs so I'm glad I did it. 100 was a little goal I had, and I might do another 100 before I'm done if I keep seeing progress. One good thing is, after seeing it help my rankings (I assume) I realized this would be a great way to tackle a higher-converting site, so I may try this with a CB or CJ product.

Hoping to find a legit $5/day site to buy soon. And I'll be a much smarter buyer now that I've gone through the mistakes. Going to get:

-Proof of reputation (iTrader)
-Owned for 6+ months with detailed revenue & traffic information covering at least that long (analytics!)

They had some etracker stats on the site, and I could only see the last 20 visitors' details. She claimed the last 3 days she had bought traffic to see if it would increase her adbrite earnings (claiming it did not). I could see it did jump from 300-700 views per day to roughly 1200 the last 3 days and the new traffic was all from india, so it looked like what she said was true.

One good thing is at the last minute she asked me if I could send it as a gift through paypal to avoid the "ridiculous" fees (I think they're about 3.5%). I said no to protect myself. Well I'm comfortable right now because, having been an **** seller for so long, I have seen that the buyer always wins the dispute even if they're scamming the seller and they're completely f-ing retarded and obvious in the way they do it. It doesn't matter. Dispute opened, buyer wins, case closed. I've seen some really crappy things in my experience with them, and been on the other end a lot, but hopefully it'll actually benefit me this once. I'll be bummed if I lost $200, though I might be able to sell off the Myspace and FB accounts for that if I can do nothing else with them. It'd be a good price for them anyway if people are still paying $0.01/friend (though the urls have been set). Maybe I could get more.

Going to see if I can still do anything with adwords. Ran out the last of my cash in the account to see what it would do, bought me 7 clicks no conversions, but the quality scores went up a bit. So I'll throw 10 bucks in, set my cpc to 0.05 and just see if I can get any clicks still. Even if it's slow, if I get 1 or 2 leads a day, that's possibly $400/month profit. The campaign converted like crazy so we'll see if it'll still be worth it with the handicap..


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Day 4

-Uploaded 1 Youtube video.
-8,125 views, 8 subs
-Myspace layz is definitely getting no traffic, going to talk to seller tomorrow and see which way this is going to have to go. Site is not worth more than $40-50
-CPALead reward site has 125 members.
-$9.79 profit for the day (CPALead reward: $7.75, Myspace $2.04).

Well, let's see what happened today... I did some deep backlinking on my reward site, and created 1 page on twitter and 2 pages on facebook focusing on the two main keywords, using deep backlinks. Got a nice reminder of how important it can be to create links on related pages. It's sitting at 35 / 75m for its main broad keyword (6600 monthly) and 72 / 34m for its secondary word (165k monthly). On the next update I'm hoping for a big leap.

Implemented a "dark grey" hat technique with CPALead using a FB group. Weird thing is, it has 144 members already, and NO ONE has gone to the site. The whole group is focused on this site, and going to it and doing a survey. It's very clear and it's the only thing they see when they look at the page, and it even has PLEASE READ in the title but.. no one has gone to the site. One guy claimed to be making a bunch of this method, but I have my doubts now..

Also tried http://www.moneymakerdiscussion.com/forum/e-books-million/16678-get-earn-50-day-10-minutes.html just now, picked one thing and did two different kinds of youtube videos. Also, to get the file they have to go to my linkcash blog, then the link, then envirofile, then unlock a password with cpalead. If this makes anything I'll be sure to scale up..

Did what I could for my FB app, signing up to rockyouads and offerpal, should be hearing back from the guy tomorrow. Like I've mentioned, I have a really great idea for a FB app game that I mapped out while back.. I'm not sure what I want to do with this app. I could use it as a template to develop that game (most work), leave it as the game it is but make it more user-friendly and profitable (middle), or just spend a day on it, launch it and probably sell it for a profit.

The game idea is out of my FBML programming league, but I could figure out how to do it with a browser. Should just be a matter of learning how to work a postback script with it and some basic FBML to get a frame in there. I'll tell y'all two things: there's money in FB apps and the one I'm cookin' up is 10x more addictive and fun, with much greater depth than any of the half-ass mass-produced ones out there today.

I've always had the problem where I've spent a lot of time creating something quality, and then been outdone in profits 10x by someone who did it as quick as they could but knew how to promote it, and had knowledge of the appeal and the demographic. But FB is such a wonderfully viral platform.. the techniques are many and ridiculously effective. If I get this FB game together man, it'll pay the bills!

PS. If anyone knows where I can get a free IP port proxy that'll let me make youtube accounts, respond here or in PM.

PPS. I want to publicly express appreciation for the folks who have messaged me in private after reading my first post, to give me synopses of their own stories and offer encouragement. I don't really mean to draw attention (nor do I like it at all >_<), but I guess I can't help it. Boy, some of y'all's lives would make good books, I'll tell ya' that! Anyway.. Thank you.

PPPS. 4 USA clicks and 0 leads in the time I've been writing this, dang. :p


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Day 5

-11,009 views, 9 subs
-CPALead reward site has 145 members.
-$5.05 profit for the day (CPALead reward: $3-something)

Very low conversions on CPALead last few days, not sure what's up..

Well, it was a long day and I still have an hour honestly but I'm just going to relax with some TV. Let's see...

Got in-touch with the website seller, they continued to lie to me so I put in a dispute and blocked their phone number.

Gosh, I can't remember what I did today...

Oh! One thing was a built a website to work with Loudmo's PPI program, awaiting approval & then I'm going to send people to it through Youtube with another 100 videos.

Also build a great squido lense, put it on digg and other sites, linked them all, put all the links on their facebook/twitter pages, then pinged everything.

Yesterday I had put an article up at Open Salon, and today it's sitting at 39/75m for my main broad keyword, 2 below my actual site! It's a PR7 blog site.

Still waiting to hear from the app developer..

One thing I want to mention is I use Google Alerts to tell me about relative sites/videos/blogs to help me build effective backlinks. Check that out if you haven't yet..

Just got another lead so that makes $5.58 today! I know I did more but my brain must be fried.. I'll edit this later when I remember! Ha. Well back to my TV program. Cheers.


Okay, I remembered I thought to try mailing the users who have signed up to my reward site already, and offering different 24-hour promotions to get them to come back to the site, and I'll also let them know that I'm here to help them so if they had any questions maybe I could help them do the surveys. I think this will really help it be more successful, so I'm going to build a page that will list all their emails, then figure out how to do mass emails with hostgator (gmail would probably ban me) so I can run weekly promotions like +20% bonus, first 20 people to 200 points today get a 200 point bonus, everyone who signs in today gets 5 points tomorrow, etc.. I really have confidence in this to partly make up for the low conversions.

On that note, I mentioned my idea in chat (high conversions, low pay for free surveys) and publishers are on-board. Sent a screen and email to eremy @ cpalead and going to try to get their point of view as well as the advertisers', and I really hope to see higher conversion rates @ CPALead so websites could have more return users and be more successful.

Got court in 9 hours so Im a little nervous about that, but it'll be the easiest one so far. My attorney knows my whole family is broke so he probably worked out a good deal. The verbage I got last time was "..a few hundred dollars and 3 years probation" so we'll see. The system nowadays is about money - not people, and I'm trying to keep that in-mind and use that knowledge to my advantage. I'd love to get this thing behind me and strive for a better future; for happiness. I'm so damn sick of adversity in my life. Oh, the stories I could tell! I'm ready for a good time, at the very least. Well my 18-hour days are down to 8 this week so I need to really pick up the slack and work harder if I'm going to figure out how to make money online. One of these days I'll figure it out I think, and I'll be able to work 18 hours a day at something that actually MAKES MONEY and make a lot of it! I just have to figure out what to do with my time and how to do it...

Anyway, I tell ya', any kind of abuse is no joke and if anyone out there is getting hurt by anyone, the only thing to do is leave, and learn how to act well and react well in those sorts of things so you can't get hurt by those sorts of people. Use self-control and the laws of the land to protect yourself. Hope your days are goin' good, guys.

PS. Whoo! Just got a lead! $0.53 :)