What are some interesting hobbies?


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I have many hobbies in general but sadly because of my work I don't have really much free time for them. Because of that I can spend some time with them only in evenings after work or during weekends.
I like reading very much, it's one of my the oldest hobbies from childhood years. I like to read not only an original literature but sometimes fanfiction and various blogs too.
I adore watching movies, especially the fantasy and historical ones, and playing computer games. I like sport very much too, especially running, fitness and such sport games as football and baseball. I adore not only to play them but also to watch matches translations, cheer for my favourite teams (for example, I adore team Palmeiras from Brazil) and participate in sport bettings https://bonus-br.com/ sometimes too.
I like cooking, travelling, drawing and assembling different wooden models too.
Though I'm a girl and supposed to spend the money on beauty procedures, I like to spend them on a couple of gambling sessions (and earn even more from time to time). And you know, it's even not a surprise. I read that women tend to spend more time playing in casinos — 21 months on average, https://augustafreepress.com/gambling-for-women-and-men-based-on-habits/ . So, yeah, I'm one of them :) But I try to stick to a middle ground and bet only on the amount I'm not afraid to lose.