What do you think of this method?


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Yep thats a scam... look at what it pays for you to complete an offer... 1 CPA free offer which gives the website $1.50... but he promises an ipod touch for the amount of points the offer gives.


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Someone sent me a link .... after accessing the link ... i found this :http://www.themoneykid.com/
Could this be true? What do you think of this method?
Maybe if you could set up a site like this one. Then you could be the one earning all of the real cash while getting others to take those survey's.

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I am not too sure it is a scam. If they did not pay out what so ever then yes it is a scam. If the tricked you into giving credit card info. Yes it is a scam.

Now if people are dumb enough to fall for pennies instead of building their own site thats on them.

Just my own personal belief on scams.

mainly scams are when you are misleading and do not deliver as promised.


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these are extremely hard to start making money because when most feel like its a scam so they will stay away but if you could somehow built it up like giftmonkey.com your in for a load of profits :D ...the scipts that can pull it off can be found @ fsrevolution.com & you can always search in big G for incentive script, good luck.
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Most probably just getting you to fill out cpa offers, however if you read the terms they tell you that:
* you need to earn 200 points, and
* out of every 100 people that click on your link, 20 must click no theirs, and
* those 20 must have earned at least 100 points each.

And if they suspect your activity is fraudulent (read if you actually jump through all these hoops and meet these criteria) your earning will be void.

Fairly slim terms aswell.

Stay well clear here. They have made it almost impossible to claim and are just relying on peoples greed and laziness to fill in surveys to get quick prizes.