What is a Solo-Ad? Why use this section?


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Oct 4, 2009
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I have been asked a few times about what a solo-ad is, so I decided to write up a little something to explain it.

A solo-ad is an email advertisement. It is usually a little higher converting then other forms of traffic. It is geared most generally to a certain targeted niche. Most you will see in this section are generally make money online niche, so if you have an offer geared towards this niche it would be wise to test out this form of traffic.

Usually or should I say most of the time a solo-ad is purchased based on how many clicks you want. Most people testing usually start out buying 100 clicks to test their offer. If your experience is not up to par it can be that your offer is not geared towards solo-ads or that the list is not of a great quality or the swipe (Your advertisement email) just did not appeal to them. If you are still interested you can try out other sellers.

A pro-tip from Smeltzer. If you buy a solo-ad 9 times out of 10 you are going to have a much better time converting if you first give them a free landing page offer. After they opt-in to your list you can show them the offer you want to convert on. Sometimes they may not be receptive to it. Sometimes you may need to send them a couple emails to try to overcome there objections. Your mileage may vary. the thing is you must test and tweak to get the best results.

Now as a solo seller you are asking yourself why should I advertise here? I am going to make this simple for you.
1. It is free.
2.The design is VERY clean so your testimonials will POP and you can screenshot them and add them to any webpage.
3. Oh yeah did I mention it is free? :p

Well as always if you have any questions please let me know.