What is best beneficial social media website ?


All social network are great. It just depends on how much effort you put into each of them. If you invest your time and stay consistent ( regular helpful posts, liking other stuff, connecting with people) you will success gradually. It does take time but " every effort pays out".
I think this is going to depend on what you are looking to do with your business and the kind of customers you are going after. If you are going for people who like arts and crafts and are a little bit younger, like college and early adult age, you might want to go with Etsy or Pinterest. If you are more of a business site and want to get some older generation people to come to your site, you will want to go with Facebook or even Twitter. There are a lot of ones that you can go with, you just need to make sure that you find the one that is going to work the best for your needs. This takes some time and research, but you will be able to get it done in no time if you know your market and target audience.
I think this is going to depend on what you would like to do with your marketing. I know there are a lot of people who like to say that Facebook or another site is the best, but each business is going to need something that is slightly different and if you are going off the thought that one is better than the other, you are going to start harming your business from the start. Each one works in different ways and you need to pick one based on research with your company.
First, let’s look at Facebook a little bit. This is one that a lot of people will tell you to go and work with. They think it is the very best and the only way to make money. And in the past, this might have been true and even now a lot of people can still make some money on Facebook, but you do need to step it up and not just choose to go with this site because you think it is the best. You need to determine your needs and see how this will work with Facebook. Look at some of the audience that you would like to meet with. The audience on Facebook is getting older. It does not matter what others are telling you, the audience is not as young as promised. Most younger people are using some of the other social media sites that are available. The ones still on Facebook have been using it for years and are getting older. If you are not ready to use an older audience and you are not ready to interact with the customers, Facebook is a waste of money.
Twitter might bring in a little bit younger crowd, but you do need to be a bit more creative when it comes to this program. You are stuck with just using 140 characters when you are telling something to your customers. Going over is not really allowed on this site. It is all about the short snippets to get attention to the audience. This is a good place to advertise new products and to get your name out. Even some competitions can work out great for this option as well.
I don’t know much about Google + but I have heard a lot of businesses like to use this. I am still new so not sure what that all entails, but you might want to give it a chance and see if it is going to work out well for your business needs.
One social media site that I think would work out well for many types of businesses is Pinterest. This site is great for a lot of different businesses because of all the different things that you are able to do with it. I have written a lot about this topic before and used it a bit on my own business, but with freelance writing it is a bit harder to use. I like that Pinterest allows you to show a lot of pictures and maybe not as many words as some of the other sites, which is really great for those who are selling like crafts and all of that other stuff. There is variety in what you can do on this site as well which makes it really great to try out. You can do contests, post all over, put up some of your own products and direct to your site, and even do some backlinking with some of the other people on the site. I think I had heard that you can even accept payments through this site now which can make it even better than using your own website for the same thing.
These are just some of the top sites, but I am sure there are a lot of others ones that are gaining in popularity. I haven’t honestly been on much social media lately so I do not know which ones are out, but this needs to be a part of your research when you want to make a profit. Customers are not just going to come running your way without a good reason. Find where they are and then appeal to them the best way you know how to make more sales.
There are a lot of social media websites but nowadays facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn are the most beneficial in driving a traffic.
Social networking sites increase social interaction and connections. Social networking sites have a beneficial effect on our way of life. They increase our social interaction and give us more ways to make social connections. As long as the individual remembers and accepts that a decrease in privacy comes with that increased social interaction, then it is a benefit. It stops being a benefit when people forget about the decrease in privacy and do things through social networking sites that they may not want everyone to see.


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Good question but quite tough to answer but i think i would say generally Facebook can be thought of as your home on the Internet. It's a place people can go to leave you a message, browse through your photo collections, or even chat with you while you are online. However, this obviously depends on the person's needs. The most useful social network platform is the one that you use to solve most of your problems
Social media is the best way to get popular and to promote business easily. I like to use Instagram as a professionally and personally because of its features where I am sharing my photos and videos among my followers and friends. To get more likes on a photo I always post HD quality images and videos, likes on other's post, follow other users and uses the hashtag.
What is best beneficial social media website ?
It's depends on your targeted audience. All Social Media media sites are helps to create brand awareness.
LinkedIn is best social media site if your targeted audience is B2B
Facebook & Instagram these two sites are best social media site if your targeted audience is B2C
Nowadays, Instagram is very popular and I like to use it because of its amazing features like selfie stickers, It saves photos to post later, It saves live video as a story etc. which are really interesting and best to spend time easily. I daily share my photos and videos with my friends for increasing my popularity.
In my opinion, if you want the best social media site for connecting with friends, marketing, messaging, for sharing pics then, one of the best social media is Facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms and it is used in almost all countries around the world. This site so user-friendly that is used by almost all age group people.