What is the best way to do offline marketing?

Start with friends or people that you know who have a business.
Or be introduced by a friend who knows business owner. It's always a better idea to be introduced by a trusted person in the eyes of the entrepreneur.

What kind of services you want offer?


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Unfortunately, there are many, many ways to get offline clients.
There really is no "best way" to accomplish this.

It depends what your personal strengths are, what products or
services you intend to sell and how you are going to fulfill your
contract (either by doing it yourself or outsourcing it).

We use cold calling on the phone as our main source of getting
clients. We also face to face cold call with great success. These
are just some of the ways to get clients.

You can get on free online advertising websites like craigslist,
backpage, pennysaver, recycler, etc.... and look for ads from
business owners that are looking for website help, internet
marketing help, email campaigns, mobile marketing, etc.

They will usually leave a phone number you can contact them
at (first choice) or an email (second choice).

Now depending on your sales skills, you should be able to
get an appointment out of every 5 to 10 calls. Then you'll
have to make a presentation and close them to hire you.

Other ways of getting business owners that we have use
with good success is direct mail, emailing the business
owner, going to Chamber of Commerce meetings, going
to Meet-Up meetings, seminars, webinars and sending
out free reports.

There's no easy answer to your question. But I can tell
you from experience, that you should focus on one service
or product, learn as much as you can, learn how to sell
it (or hire someone to sell it for you) and learn how to
deliver it. From there, you can start adding services as
you go along. The only hard part to this business is
staying focused and taking the first step.

Forum members above have given you some good
suggestions too. Now it's up to you.

I hope that gives you some help. Best of success
to you.


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Here are some ways : create brochures and spread them, or you can outsource the job. use ads on local newspaper and related magazines.


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I've previously had great succes with promoting my website in local newspapers. But my website was on my native language too which may make it easier.


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Easy method = Yellow page or local directory adverts, if that is something your potential clients still use (older people still use these for some reason). Else, yell (dot) com listing is a must also.

Flyers as well as mailshots tend to be really poor in terms of response and ROI in general. The costs are high, and most people regard it as junk so bin it.

It really depends a lot on what your service or product is. Give us that info and we can come up with decent ideas for you. But the main thing is put yourself in the shoes of your customers -- if they needed what you had to offer, what would they do and where would they go to find providers like you?

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6 of the best and most inexpensive ways to market your business locally

1. Really understand your target market. You can't carry out an effective marketing campaign until you know who you are marketing too. Only then can you design marketing strategies that reach a particular group of people. Everyone is just not interested in the same things. So your marketing efforts must be focused to be effective. Know the offline papers and magazines they read. You also want to know where the networking groups are so you can become a part of local events where you can pass out your business cards and brochures.

2. Use offline ad space wisely to get people to your website. Look for local papers in your area. These are often neglected as good ad resources. But think about the ones that have been around for a long time. If they are effective it's most likely because they support local businesses. Ask the editors for their marketing statistics and advertising reach. The ads in these local papers are usually inexpensive and can be short and simple just naming your website and providing the web address.

3. Look for larger newspapers in your area and see if you could have a story writing about your business. Getting a feature story could do much more than many other types of advertising. You can clip the story and make copies. Be sure to put the paper, date and writers name on the copies. These make great inserts to send to customers. Always mention that you have a website in the article and give the full URL.

4. Another way to get noticed by the media is to send out a press release of something you are doing that is newsworthy. Are you featuring a local artist at your restaurant, raising money for charity or doing something else? Send a press release that lets the readers know to go to your website for more information. Have a downloadable flyer at the site and capture names and emails to build a mailing list.

5. Always have a business card printed with your information. Be sure to add your email, URL and name of your website. Keep a stack on hand at all times as you never know who you might meet. Insert a business card in any mailings that you send out too.

6. Do public speaking to promote your website. Organizations and associations are always looking for speakers. The key is to speak on a topic related to your area of expertise without making it sound like an advertisement for your business. Take business cards and a flyer that promote your website along to pass out.

In today's world of advertising & marketing, you have to stand out from the crowd...who here hasn't joined the local Chamber, handed out flyers, put ads in the yellow pages? We all have...today, you need to look and think outside the box...for example, how about trying this:

We all know that the schools are hurting for money & supplies...what if you went to the local school and said that you would love to supply them with, let's say, 30,000 sheets of white paper, they can use anyway they want...the only provision is that on the bottom of each sheet, in 1" lettering you will be able to place an ad for your business...some schools might not let you do that, but most will...imagine 30,000 impressions for (around here you can have that printed for less than $300)...a good, low cost way of getting your message out that no one else is doing...you will stand out from the crowd.


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Setup a free blog else a paid domain blog & start posting /writing about your service in detail. Thats the model im following & im getting good no. of visitors & some convert to potential customers for my video creation service or any of other services i offer

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I help local businesses establish their business websites. This is what I do.

1) Call business owners I have worked with in the past, qualify them over the phone and then meet with them.

2) I get people introduce my services to prospects. I pay them $5 for a qualified lead and then pay 10% commissions on conversions to sales.

3) Ask your friends and relatives for leads.

4) Go out and meet people.

5) I use Facebook to get the word out as well.


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The best method to promote the products offline is-
first make a site hving the offer link!

Post flyers having your site name and post on your or your son or your little brother college campus!
see that the offer should be something like free xbox,psp,games online etc

or in parking of Big Malls!
here you can use some offers having gift cards because these people are shoppers so they will definitely take the free shopping gift card offer!

These are the Best offline promotions!


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You can burn up a lot of dollars inserting advertisements into newpapers and local directories. newspapers are only good for a week, and local directories may actually last too long (you may be revising your services as you go).
Open up the Yellow pages, find businesses that suit your service (those without websites if you plan on selling those) or busineses with websites that are not optimised (if you are going to do SEO etc).
Send them a postcard - with your details obviously on the back. Put a photo of their business on the front maybe - grab their attention with good graphics.
Tell them you can't find them online. Or put this into a good piece of direct mail (a letter).


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Currently the hottest potato in town is MOBILE ADVERTISING.
Why not just give it a go and see what will come out from it...:)

Good luck to you , mate.