What is your Free Software You Can't Live Without ?


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[FONT=&quot]It would great to share with each other what software list you urgent need[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]run your business. It can’t be secret, just only technique and tools. I would like to know your free software, that you can’t live without it on internet business. Maybe I will give you better advice or you give me and other forum members[/FONT][FONT=&quot]



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i usually don't use free software for my work since it lacks quality but anyway i use senuke and scrapebox my favorite tools and anything else i outsource it


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i can't live without rank tracker i don't care if it doesnt save i still enjoy the free version
also micro niche finder if you count stuff for DH sections


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Maleware bytes, ccleaner and Seo Quake are 3 reliable free Wares that I've been using with excellent results for some time.


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I use quite a few apps already mentioned but my latest discovery is Windows Livewriter. you don't need a live id to download the software and I like it for Blogger posts. It's a pretty good WYSIWYG editor and you can quickly and easily upload to your account. Works for wordpress.com and a few others too i think, but i've only used it for blogger so far.


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my best bit of free software is the download google global as it allows me to see the usa or any other search page whilst l am in the uk


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CCleaner is a good one now that you come to mention it. It's a tricky question because the best softwares are the paif for ones, not many good free ones about.