What Kinds of Things Would Interest You Here?


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Hi Folks,

I see this forum here but with no posts. I have developed some pretty heavy-duty apps around SS SQL server, mySQL, and others. I'd be willing to post a few things here if some of you had some ideas as to what you'd like to see.

Talk to me. :proud:

How about something like a "proximity script". Put in 2 ZIP codes and see the distance. Part of a project I did for WalMart. Yes THE WalMart.

How about something like the best way to index 100,000 articles by each word? See, you can't really do a LIKE query effectively on large blocks of text so you have to break them out into smaller chunks and such.

How about Indexes themselves? Do you know WHY large text blocks don't work well with LIKE? Because of the 900 byte limit for an index entry. So what does that mean to you?

Any ideas or requests? I'd be happy to entertain any requests.

Roger D.