What was last movie you watched?

last Movie I have watched is The Grey..........This is an amazing Movie........Somewhere I like the thrill in this Movie and This is one of mine most favorite movie Now....I am a bigger fan of this genre of Movies and I like the Story so much..........
Just downloaded Ted and The Hunger Games this weekend.
Ted was awesome. If you are a Family Guy fan you'll like it. If not... *shrug*
Kinda seemed like "The Family Guy Movie". The humor is very similar, not just in content but in delivery. (Cutaways etc)
Hunger Games... meh. Not worth the hype I think. It was entertaining but it seemed wayyyyy too drawn out.
Okay... I get it. They are going to die and thus they are sad. Let's move this along please.
With that I think it's a problem of the movie/entertainment industry in general. The plot of the movie is pretty well known before it comes out. So how are you going to expect me to be entertained as I sit through 45 minutes of film that has been hyped up to no end with 2 minute trailers. They give away all the build up, then expect you to sit through it again and actually be in suspense.
The last movie I watched was Avengers. though its just lately the movie I watched before the avengers was titanic (when I was still a kid) lol! been away from cinema's and televisions to focus on my career :D