Whats the best way to increase page rank


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Page rank is done every 3-4 months and a recent PR update was applied from 5 days. To get high PR build quality backlinks to high PR websites.


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I got pr1 on one week whit my new domain using pinterest so look at that, its alot of info here

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Buy high PR backlinks or do manual blog comment on high PR posts.

well, Google doesn't update the PR often, so you should probably have to wait until next PR update (often it takes 3 to 4 months. )
Blog commenting is the best way to increase the page rank of the blog. Whenever you attract visitors to comments and maybe even get to not follow the links. Some of the blogs good use of additives that encourage comments on the blog. Comment loved me, for example, this plugin allows users to comment On the other hand, displays a plugin last post written from hanging on his website. Thus adding the possibility of more traffic.
good stuff

great posts i especially liked the part about blog entries and pinterest which all makes a lot of sense. It seems to me that there are many factors but those are good ones. I would also remind you that, for me, I believe in having a lot of content and high quality backlinks from big-time websites or websites with a higher page rank is beneficial. Do those tips and also just start by creating a page that is worthy of a high page rank. Would you rank your page high? Is it funky or bland? Is is big or small? Is there a lot going on or are there no comments? Is your site active or collecting dust? These are some of the Q's you want to consider I think as well.
For increasing page rank on Google it is good to add quality content in your site. It is also good to use relevant forums and blogs to promote site. Forums and blogs should be powerful and high PR.
hello dear: to increase your site ranking either alexa or google:
1_ use wordpress,google adore wordpress in seo & you will be in the first page in google less than month or month
2_comment on dofollow blogs and forums with high ranking
3_content is the king
My blog is about 2 weeks old now and i still don't have a single prHow do i increase it
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1. Publish relevant unique content
2. Update the content regularly
3. Add meta tags in every web page
4. Have a link worthy site
5. Use alt tag for image