What's your most unforgettable travel experience?


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Traveling is awesome, not so long ago I started traveling and currently I have been to more 10 countries. Spain is my favorite destination, it is a great country to go to. The food is good, the weather is usually great especially on the south coast. Also, it's important to remember about time zones in order to not confuse the flight time, I recommend this website https://time-radar.com/
Melbourne. I have my friends in Melbourne who guide me during my trip. Melbourne is one of my favourite place to go because there are lots of tasty breaky, places and things to-do. I visited Melbourne few years ago and thing I pretty much felt in love with was the BIG PORTION of their food, communication, scenery and people. Although most of the time I just look at my phone and google map lol. If you love city view and nature scenery at the same time then this should be one of the must-visit place in your life. I also use cheap Melbourne airport parking. I've parked a few times and have no problems whatsoever.