Which is Best FREE Antivirus ?


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I would recommend AVG Free or Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you buy a computer with windows 8 installed by default, it will have Windows Defender installed already. Windows Defender is just the latest updated version of MSE.

Along with the antivirus, I would highly suggest downloading "MalwareBytes Anti Malware" and "CCleaner". Combine these three programs and you will have a clean, healthy computer
Avast and Avira are free antivirus that you can get for free. However, I'm not convinced how effective it can protect your computer. AVG user for years now!
Lot of antivirus programs available in the internet nowadays. You can download any one of them with free licence, the only thing you need to do is update it every week. And if you are using window 7 so you can use Microsoft Essential Security, it is free and works amazingly...