Why Go VIP?!?!? What I think....


Make Money Online
I personally enjoy the MMD Chat box where only vip and higher status users chat. This allows you to speak to all the real earners instantly. Any questions you may have I am 100% sure someone who knows the answer will reply.

The VIP section is filled with information that is easily worth the VIP fee. If you think about it, all you have to do is get some free dating sign ups a month in order for the vip fee to pay for itself. The JV section in the VIP is a great place for anyone to start a new project with a VIP as a partner. Learning new methods, and establishing new relations go hand in hand when your a VIP. I recommend MMD VIP any day !!!!


Make Money Online
Other forums charge you money for tools they claim make you money, MMD is about the only forum online that gives you the blueprints/methods to making money.

As well as 24/7 live chatting with all the top marketers online.

Thats why you go VIP!