Why would people buy things off of independent sites?


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I have a question that's been bothering me for quite some time now.

Why would people buy off of your own site when they can get it off of Amazon or eBay for the same price or cheaper? Chances are, it is very difficult to beat Amazon and Ebay when it comes to branded goods unless you're dealing with grey-market goods.
Because there are billions of people on the internet and enough for everyone to buy something from every online store atleast once.

In addition to that not everyone likes amazon or ebay.


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Actually things can sometimes be cheaper on the independent sites. And if scamming is what you're afraid of, there's more than just a couple of scammers on eBay (and Amazon, though not really).
Although Amazon and Ebay have dominated the market by offering a plethora of products that can satisfy just about everyone's needs, there are still those that choose not to use them. I have never used Ebay and I honestly don't like it because there are quite a few scammers, Amazon is much better and though I have used them and check to see what they have available frequently they honestly do not have everything. Independent sites can fill the gap of what Ebay and Amazon don't have to offer and so that keeps small businesses in business and is better all around.
It bothers me too, I've looked to see what products Amazon doesn't have and I honestly don't see anything unless you're going to offer products that most respectable people have no interest in selling and Amazon doesn't allow. I do have to admit that I haven't always found what I was looking for on Ebay or Amazon but that usually means it's a home made product or crafts.