Will Submitting my blog to a digg clone - like http://diggsamachar.com will give me a back link ?


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Sorry - no. Many of these Social Networking sites have <no =follow> code so that google doesn't ban their sites.

How did I figure this out? Well, we used our SEM software. But I'll tell you how to test a Social Networking site.

#1 - I go to the listing directory and pick 5 or 6 websites that linked more than six weeks ago.

#2 - Type the following into your browser:

links: http://website-you-are-testing.com

#3 - Look at the pages of links that come up on Google or Yahoo, and see if that particular directory is there.

You'll see that diggsamachar doesn't appear. That means they are using no=follow code...no link back value.

How to Get Links

There are two ways to get links. Pay an SEM $50 a month to get you 50 - 100 links a month, posted manually through their software.

Do-It-Yourself by making an account at the sites and then posting 50 - 100 of your own links each month. ( you need this many to start ranking high on Google searches)

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